10 Breakfast Spots In Chennai That You Must Try Once In A Lifetime!


Breakfast is a simple but delicious affair in Chennai. It goes beyond dosa and idli but never complete without a good cup of filter coffee. If you’re on the prowl for the creme de la creme of breakfast spots in Chennai, your buck ends here. Here’s a delicious list of places you must absolutely check out!

1. Sri Akshayaas

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Hailed as one of the legendary joints that serves typical old Madras style street dosas, Sri Akshayaas is a no-fuss affair to get your breakfast fix at. Try their set dosa with vada curry. Did we say vada curry? Yes we did! It’s a seasoned curry made out of chopped vadas, in the olden days they had plenty of vadas left from the morning that they decided to not waste them. And so, this curry was born. It is so popular that now people eat it for breakfast.

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2. Mami Tiffen

It’s not uncommon to see plates of rice being served for breakfast at Chennai. There’s a colourful and nutritional variety of rice dishes available at Mami Tiffens but our favourite happens to be the curry leaves rice. Made out of a special powdered blend of curry leaves, crushed garlic and spices – it is then mixed into hot rice not before some more fried curry leaves are garnished. Got a packed day ahead of you? This curry leaves rice will give you the strength you need.

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3. Vishranthi

For a taste of Tamil Nadu style parottas, head over to Vishranthi and get yourself a plate of parotta with south Indian style vegetable korma. The spice from the korma gravy melts into the buttery soft layers of the parotta, perfect after a good morning run at the beach!

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4. Shri Baalajee Bhavan

If we’re discussing breakfast in Chennai, can idiyappam be far behind? Not for long. Head over to SBB for the freshest plate of string hoppers a.k.a idiyappam with stew. We swear by their chutney, so don’t forget to load that up on your plate as well.

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5. Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan

Yes we said that breakfast in Chennai is more than idli and those, but is it really breakfast if there’s none of it? Perhaps not, unless they’re special like the mini idlis with sambar that’s served at Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan. Soft, tiny idlis doused with ghee and the goodness of spicy sambar – just what you need to believe in idlis again.

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6. Apoorva’s Sangeetha Veg

For a taste of classic Chennai breakfast, head over to Apoorva’s Sangeetha Veg restaurant and revel in the goodness of their crispy masala vadas soaking in hot, spicy sambar. This is one breakfast you don’t wanna miss!

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7. Hot Chips

If you’re looking something that’s quintessentially Chennai, Hot Chips is the name you need to remember. Renowned for generations, a favourite breakfast item at Hot Chips you should try is their chilli parotta. Neatly shredded pieces of parotta are fried in a heady mix of masalas, garnished with onions and chopped coriander leaves.

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8. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

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Famous for catering to families, the good folks at Sangeetha have made it their business to ensure Chennai eats gloriously. A must try item at Sangeetha’s is their delicious sambar rice. A glorious mix of rice and sambar, doused with drops of ghee and fried Chennai style rice appalams – best breakfast you’ll ever have!

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9. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

Regarded as one of the hallmarks of Chennai, Hotel Saravana Bhavan is single handedly responsible for bringing the greatness of south Indian food to the international forefront. Something you simply must eat here is their coconut rice which comes served with fried tapioca chips and a fresh glass of lemon juice to wash it down it.

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10.  Murugan Idli Shop

No list of breakfast spots in Chennai would be complete without the honourable mention of Murugan Idli Shop. Famous for their spicy podis and homestyle chutneys, Murugan Idli Shop is yet another gold star on Chennai’s food map. You’ve definitely got to try their rava dosai, which comes served with three different kinds of spicy podis and three different kinds of chutneys.

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You’d be missing out if you didn’t eat in at least one of these places in Chennai. If you’re dreading the traffic and using it as an excuse to not go out – don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Just get on the Swiggy app in a jiffy and order up! We’ll bring you your favourite breakfast while you snooze the alarm for an extra five minutes!

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