In It To Win It Winners


They came. They played. They won! Meet the winners of the In It To Win It Contest – they’ve won themselves an iPhone 11 each.

NameMobile No.DateTime Slots
Zumair Mahmud
95xxx xxx6215.11.201908 am to 09 am
Arjun Jose94xxx xxx7715.11.201909 am to 10 am
Rahul Yerragunta84xxx xxx3615.11.201910 am to 11 am
Indranil Das98xxx xxx4415.11.201911 am to 12 pm
Samruddhi77xxx xxx6715.11.201912 pm to 01 pm
Payal Dahiwale73xxx xxx0315.11.201901 pm to 02 pm
Parth 97xxx xxx7115.11.201902 pm to 03 pm
Akash 96xxx xxx2415.11.201903 pm to 04 pm
Shalinee 82xxx xxx4315.11.201904 pm to 05 pm
Sradha97xxx xxx6915.11.201905 pm to 06 pm
Ayush Rawat82xxx xxx1915.11.201906 pm to 07 pm
Somil sam81xxx xxx9915.11.201907 pm to 08 pm
Kaleem Khan91xxx xxx1215.11.201908 pm to 09 pm
Abhilash88xxx xxx3415.11.201909 pm to 10 pm
Mayukh72xxx xxx7915.11.201910 pm to 11 pm
Shalini82xxx xxx7415.11.201911 pm to 12 am
NameMobile No.DateTime Slots
Nabeel99xxx xxx4414.11.201908 am to 09 am
Bhushan99xxx xxx7314.11.201909 am to 10 am
Lavanya97xxx xxx4014.11.201910 am to 11 am
Bhanu Chander89xxx xxx4614.11.201911 am to 12 pm
Akshay Saini98xxx xxx6514.11.201912 pm to 01 pm
Snigdha Jayaswal98xxx xxx0014.11.201901 pm to 02 pm
Sachin Tiwari94xxx xxx0414.11.201902 pm to 03 pm
Sonali97xxx xxx1914.11.201903 pm to 04 pm
Kanchan 88xxx xxx2014.11.201904 pm to 05 pm
Sanket Rathod70xxx xxx6414.11.201905 pm to 06 pm
Akash Kumar70xxx xxx4914.11.201906 pm to 07 pm
Gokul Harikumar96xxx xxx7014.11.201907 pm to 08 pm
Pramod Sharma99xxx xxx8814.11.201908 pm to 09 pm
Sayantan90xxx xxx5014.11.201909 pm to 10 pm
Arjun Ullas81xxx xxx8014.11.201910 pm to 11 pm
Aayush Mittal85xxx xxx8614.11.201911 pm to 12 am

Want to see your name on the list? Then here’s what you do: 

  • Place an order on Swiggy between 8 am and 12 am (midnight) on Nov 14 or Nov 15, 2019
  • Use code WinIt at checkout 
  • Pray to the gods, wish upon a lucky star, or cross your fingers
  • Sit back and enjoy your order while we look for a winner

There’s a total of 32 iPhone 11s to be won; one winner will be chosen every hour. So, the more you order, the better your chances of winning. Now stop reading this blog and go place an order, quick!

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