Jaipur Darshan: The Many Feasts Of The Pink City


The land of royals, blooming culture and incredible cuisine! Jaipur, the pink city has a lot to offer for foodies everywhere. If you expect to find nothing more than aloo-pyaaz kachoris, dal baati churma and laal maas – you’re in for a surprise. We invited two prominent sister-duo bloggers, Ria and Richa to take us around Jaipur through our Instagram handle to show us what’s hot in the Jaipur food scene. Read on to see what delicious things were discovered.

Ria and Richa Khumbat, the blogger-sisters getting ready to take on Jaipur!


First stop: Tapri The Tea House

Ria and Richa chose to begin with Tapri the Tea House and here’s what they tried.


















All great things in life begin with some ginger chai and that’s what Richa and Ria did!



















Cheese is always on the agenda! All that crumbly goodness in the bread, coupled with melty cheese and supported by the crunch of those potato wafer chips.

We were also introduced to something we had never tried before – Khamani. A Gujarati snack, it is made with split bengal grams, green chilli paste and other assorted spices. The best part is the sev that it comes topped with. Lip-smacking, with every bite!



Second stop: Lassiwala ka Lassi

Not all great eateries have a permanent address and seats to welcome you with and that’s what makes Lassiwala ka Lassi, special. Nestled between the bylanes of the Pink City, this famous lassi shop serves the best lassi in all of Jaipur! Best thirst quencher, all-year round.

















Third stop: Fat Guy Patisserie

Ria and Richa really love desserts and they take their sugar cravings very seriously. Here’s what we glimpsed them dive into.


















Excitement shot through the roof when we saw this scrumptious cheesecake! Needless to say, it was heavenly and hit all the right notes.



















This gorgeous fruit-short cake is the stuff of dreams. We couldn’t get over how pretty it was to look at! Also, coffee and chocolate lovers unite. Tiramisu at Fat Guy Patisserie is a joy for tastebuds and will leave you wanting for more.



















Needless to say, Tiramisu won this round but not without the cheesecake getting its due! What would you have voted for?


Fourth stop: Gheewalo ka Rasta

Continuing the quest for great Jaipuri food, Ria and Richa ventured next into the famous but underrated Gheewalo ka Rasta (The gheemaker’s street). A street that’s straight out ghee-heaven, drifting wafts of ghee-laden food greet you and before you know it – you’re hungry.

















It became pretty evident that Ria and Richa had a good appetite for desserts. The question really is – Who would want to resist biting into piping-hot jalebis? A little bit of crunch, and a dip into the spice loaded aloo curry – the bedma puri is the puri of all of our dreams.

Following the Rajasthani spice trail, Ria and Richa also lapped up this gorgeous aalu-tikki, pan seared potato patties which are cut and then dunked into a chole gravy. Yum!



Fifth Stop: Natraj

Since all of what we’ve eaten doesn’t really count as lunch, we ended up at Natraj to really get a hold of what Rajasthani food is like. We weren’t disappointed

















A butter loaded kofta curry, specialty of the good folks at Natraj. Firepower unlimited, we advise you to not take the spice levels for granted when in Jaipur. Simply the best in Jaipur (and perfect dessert to end our meal at Natraj!), Ria and Richa recommend heading to Natraj at least for their creamy, melt-in-mouth rasmalai.



Sixth stop: Sharma Da Dhabba

Ria and Richa swear by this quaint little place for its homely, comforting food

















Seventh Stop: Cafe Bae

Yes there’s a cafe by this name and it will make you believe that food is really your bae!


















Here’s what we recommend that you try at Cafe Bae (with your bae!)




















Give the Tear n’ Share garlic cheese bread a shot and all your cheesy dreams will come true, drown it down with some hot chocolate and a ferrero rocher milkshake!


Are there any other places that you love in Jaipur? Drop us a comment on our Instagram handle  (@swiggyindia) and go check out the remaining places that Ria and Richa visited on our Highlights section titled – “Jaipur Darshan”.



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