5 Dishes From MasterChef You’ll Want To Stick Your Face Into


MasterChef Australia needs no introduction.

After 8 seasons (currently airing: the 9th season), numerous spin-offs, and memorable contestants, it enjoys a fan following that has reached cult status all over the world. Friends and family members spend hours discussing the show and its recipes. But what makes MasterChef Australia so special?

The food, of course.

The show’s format specifically looks to celebrate food, and the joy of preparing gorgeous, delicious food. Who does not enjoy mouth watering, gorgeously arranged food? I, for one, love exploring different cuisines and finding the perfect dish. Most of the excitement and enthusiasm arose because of this show.

Of course, all those mushy feelings wouldn’t amount to much if the food wasn’t spectacular. But it is. Always.

Here are 5 of the best dishes created over the many seasons this show has been on the air.


1. The Best Baked Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the best desserts around. Ask anyone. The cheesiness, the creaminess and the lightness of the dish come together to make the heavenly and succulent cheesecake.

Source: Fig & Cherry

We would count ourselves lucky if we could make or even have a cheesecake remotely close to Matt Preston’s version on Season 8. This dish is beautifully put together with an elegant raspberry topping over a gorgeously textured cheesecake.


2. The Perfect Steak

Under the supervision of Marco Pierre White, we watched the perfect steak being prepared in Season 7. There is nothing like a steak to fill you up.

Source: Wowcher

Making the perfect steak as we watched requires finesse in each step of the preparation. This dish redefined the makings of a perfect steak by portraying how it should be done in contrary to the methods that are commonly followed. His guide to meaty perfection definitely inspired me to try some myself. I don’t know about you, but if I could have food as stunning as that, well, I’d be pretty happy.


3. Fish And Chips

The second we think about snacks, we yearn for something crispy. Nothing better than freshly made chips on the side of a deliciously made hot and piping fish.

Source: GoodFood

This fish is fried to a perfect golden brown crisp and plated with chips and potato wedges. This dish by Heston Blumenthal redefined our choice of a snack.


4. Shannon Bennett’s Apple Tart

We have to make an honest confession here. We absolutely love desserts and our go to foods are apple tarts. After watching them being made on MasterChef by renowned chef Shannon Bennett in Season 7, all we wanted was to try one that was remotely as tasty looking.

Source: In Search Of Heston

The dish was wonderfully decorated. An apple tart has a unique mix of flavors with the vanilla and the cinnamon perfectly complementing the apple base. We dare anyone to resist the temptation to sink their teeth into this. We know we can’t.


5.  The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are undoubtedly the best breakfast in terms of taste and nutrition. Heston Blumenthal from MasterChef showed us how to do it right in Season 5.

Source: Taste.com

A stunner of a dish left everyone salivating. This dish is a modern representation of a traditional dish we’ve been making all our lives.

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