Give This Navratri The Sweet Treatment With These 9 Delectable Desserts

Fasting or not, desserts exist to give you the much-needed boost to power through any day! And with our 9-day sweet tooth plan, you’ll be sure to enjoy this Navratri with these incredible Indian desserts.

Dish #1: Kalakhand

Milky and soft, Kalakhand is the stuff our sweet dreams are made of! Don’t miss it for the world.

Source: Youtube


Dish #2: Gajar Ka Halwa

Festival or not, we never get tired of a plate of hot Gajar Ka Halwa, sprinkled with cashews. Yum!

Source: Movers & Move


Dish #3: Sabudana Kheer

Made from tapioca pearls, Sabudana Kheer is the staple sweet of the season!

Source: Archana’s Kitchen


Dish #4: Malpua

As a dessert, Malpua follows the KISS principle to the T – keep it sweet & simple (…and crispy, silly!)

Source: Sailu’s Food


Dish #5: Banana Cake

A slice of banana cake with a hot cup of tea is the perfect pick-me-up during the fast days!

Source: Sweet Green Limes


Dish #6: Gulab Jamun

If the question has the word “Gulab Jamun”, the answer is always a resounding YES.

Source: Youtube


Dish #7: Payasam

Why use a spoon when you can drink up this rich, wholesome dessert directly from the bowl?

Source: FoodViva


Dish #8: Coconut Laddoo

No Indian festival is complete without a plate of laddoos. The best part? This sweet is Navratri friendly!

Source: HungryForever


Dish #9: Til Ke Laddoo

Get your fill of the nutrient-laden til (sesame) seeds with this laddoo!

Source: Jain Rasoi

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