Here Are 4 Chowpatty Delicacies You Can Enjoy With Rs.1000 Only!

Rohit, better known as The Hungry Mumbaikar, took us Food Trotting through Mumbai’s favourite hangout spot, Chowpatty. His budget? Rs.1000. The eats? Read to find out!

1. Cheese Pav Bhaji, Amar Juice Center

No trip to Chowpatty is complete without a visit to the iconic Amar Juice Center and a plate of their Pav Bhaji. Rohit took things a notch up and ordered the delicious Cheese Pav Bhaji instead. Yum!

Cost: Rs.190/-

Food Trotting budget left: Rs.810/-

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CHEESE PAV BHAJI at Amar Fast Food & Juice Centre, Chowpatty. Tag your friends and make a Pav Bhaji plan! ???? Chowpatty is one of Mumbai's most popular tourist and hangout destinations, and the food scenes here are incomplete without some Pav Bhaji! ???? Had this gobsmacking dish at Amar, who are one of our city's most popular Pav Bhaji brands having 7-8 outlets across Mumbai. Spicy bhaji with buttery pavs and topped with an obscene amount of cheese! A perfect meal to beat the hunger pangs! ???? Add me on Snapchat @HungryMumbaikar for live updates. Also, don't forget to follow @TheHungryMumbaikar on Instagram for your daily dosage of #foodporn! ???? #thehungrymumbaikar #mumbaifoodie #foodofmumbai #things2domnmumbai #mumbai #mumbaikar #pavbhaji #comfortfood #indianfood #streetfood

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2. Original New Yorker Nachos, New Yorker

If you think it couldn’t get cheesier than this, hold that thought. Rohit’s next pick was the Original New Yorker Nachos sprinkled with spicy bell peppers & covered with molten cheese. *deep breath*

Cost: Rs.340/-

Food Trotting budget left: Rs.470/-

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3. Paneer Bhurji & more, Crystal

Rohit’s next pick? A down-to-earth, comforting meal from Crystal. There’s nothing better to cure your craving for home-cooked food than their Paneer Bhurji coupled with light rotis, spicy Chaas and sweet Aamras.

Cost: Rs.209/-

Food Trotting budget left: Rs.261/-

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Sundays are best spent with hot & spicy comfort food with your family! ???? Here's the Paneer Bhurji with Chappatis, Masala Chaas and Aam Ras at Crystal, Chowpatty which I recently visited while #foodtrottingwithswiggy. This entire meal was filling and delicious, and the best part, it costs less than Rs. 200! Tag someone you'd go here with! ???? Crystal is a hidden gem on Chowpatty near Wilson College known for its vegetarian pocket friendly home-style food! You can easily have a lavish homely meal for four here in around Rs. 400-500! ???? The place is simple and nothing fancy, but is one of the iconic restaurants in Chowpatty over the years. It surely does deserve a visit! ???? Add me on Snapchat @HungryMumbaikar for live updates. Also, don't forget to follow @TheHungryMumbaikar on Instagram for your daily dosage of #foodporn! ???? #thehungrymumbaikar #mumbaifoodie #foodofmumbai #things2domnmumbai #mumbai #mumbaikar #comfortfood #indianfood

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4. Roccher Shake, Bachelorr’s

To finish off this glorious meal, Rohit heads to Bachelorr’s to indulge in Roccher Shake, a heavenly combination with the decadence of chocolate and crunchiness of hazelnuts. We don’t think you can stop at just one!

Cost: Rs.200/-

Food Trotting budget left: Rs.61/-

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#SwiggyHack: Sharing milkshakes are an absolute no and we don't recommend anyone negotiating for a sip.

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To say we’re deeply satisfied is an understatement. If you want to indulge in some (or all!) of Rohit’s Chowpatty picks, fire up the Swiggy app to order them in right away!

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