#DiwaliWithSwiggy – Festive Cheer, Doorstep Delivered

Hello, internet dweller. It’s been a busy couple of months across the country, thanks to the
endless list of festivals. However, it’s almost that time – the big doozy – that one festival that
brings different kinds of people together, regardless of where they’re from: it’s almost Diwali.

On the Indian festive calendar, there hardly is a festival that is greeted with as much cheer and advance preparation, as Diwali. Great measure is taken to ensure Diwali is celebrated as brightly and as colourfully as possible, all while ensuring maximum inclusion – everybody is welcome to participate, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Like every other family, who are gearing up for the festival of lights, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take the extra step, to take the effort up just a notch to make Diwali a little better for all of us.

Diwali on a whole, means lights – fireworks, diyas and the like; and sweets. Since we’re committed to keeping diwali safe and pollution free, we present to you Diwali With Swiggy. We’re giving you the ability to pre-order sweets, to deliver.

Diwali-02 (1)

Sending sweets out to friends and loved ones has always proved to be a bit of a task, and we understand that, what with our schedules, and the horror of travelling back and forth within a city. So we decided to take the extra step in making it easier than ever before to share sweets. Here’s how it works:

● On the 6th, 7th and 8th of November, 2015, you can pre order boxes of sweets from our website only

● Next, you pick the address you want it delivered to, even if it’s in a different city

● We’ll deliver the sweets to your loved ones on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November, at times of your choosing

Simple enough? It’s easy to think beyond one’s immediate neighbours during Diwali without having to fret over the logistical troubles that come with, let’s say, sending sweets to your better half who lives in a different city.

We wholeheartedly wish you a happy, and safe Diwali.

Head over here to pre-order your sweets.

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