We’re going to talk numbers for a bit, please humour us; you’ll soon see why it’s necessary.

Several independent surveys have led to an approximate result that showed 70% of India’s population living in rural areas. Let that sink in. The mad rush you see in the city only forms an insignificant fraction of how many people are really scattered across the countryside. Here are some facts that you, as an informed citizen need to understand:

Regardless of having a 50% increase in GDP since the 90’s, more than a third of the world’s malnourished children live in India.
Of these malnourished children, more than half of those under the age of three are acutely underweight.
Malnourishment is the cause of more than half of all child deaths. It is also one fourth the cause of all diseases in children. Malnourished children tend not to achieve their full potential thanks to of the lack of several vital nutrients
It is more prevalent in rural areas, where a majority of India’s population resides.


At Swiggy, we’re committed to doing all we can to help alleviate people of their hunger. Giving ourselves the title of ‘hunger saviour’ comes with its own unique set of implications.

Let’s establish that we aren’t limiting ourselves to transporting food from the restaurant to the customer. Swiggy was conceived as a solution  to a problem that we recognized with some amount of deliberate pondering. However, another problem has always existed. This one was far more obvious. It had been staring at us in the streets, on the news, in the papers, outside our places of worship and at traffic lights. This problem had a face and we can safely assume every Indian recognizes this face. It’s the face of poverty, of hunger, of kids who are forced to beg to get one excuse for a meal everyday, if they get lucky.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a double edged blade that’s intent on eradicating both illiteracy and hunger. Akshaya Patra was founded in the early 2000’s to provide wholesome midday meals in government schools, typically those schools where children from difficult socio-economic backgrounds would be enrolled. Through the provision of free food, more children are encouraged to stay in school, while being provided with one nutritious meal a day, at the least. Thus, malnutrition and illiteracy are tackled with a simple and effective model. Last year, the foundation provided 1.4 million children with a daily meal. They function by the principle “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.”

Being a Hunger Savior

To take a step further in living up to a title that’s open to interpretation, we’d like to lend a hand to The Foundation, this Independence Day.

For every order placed on the 15th of August 2015, Swiggy will donate Rs. 15 to Akshaya Patra. This money goes towards covering the cost of meals for 200 kids, over the period of a year.

AP2 (2)For the first time since we’ve launched, we have a request for all our customers. Not a marketing ploy or a cool offer; a sincere request. It’s clear how badly India’s children are in need of balanced nutrition. The future rides on the minds of these kids. We can’t have their spark dulled because they aren’t fortunate enough to fuel themselves as necessary. We believe growing as an organisation and as a country is impossible without reaching out to our successors. And so, we ask of you this one time, please help us in feeding these munchkins. It would mean the world to us and it’s needless to mention how valuable it will be to them. An insignificant cupcake or a junior ice cream could count as a priceless contribution to a bright child’s growth.

Therefore, our dearest customers, this Independence Day, help give a child; a nameless, faceless child, freedom from hunger.

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