Gotcha! Well… At least most of you

Perhaps a day will come, when drones are both cooking and delivering food. Perhaps a day will come when the world will be so much at peace, that the best use for elite level military commandos, will be missions into the final frontiers of the Earth, in the quest for good food. Until that day, however, delivering food across borders is, and will be a distant reality.

While we may not be freezing food in liquid nitrogen and flying it across major oceans in supersonic jets, we are inching our way to creating a revolution in how the Indian food-orderer eats – without irksome phone calls and miscommunication, every step of the way. While we’re not erasing borders (yet), we are bridging the gap between restaurants and consumers. We thank you for coming on this journey with us, through its ups and downs. Hopefully, we’ll launch something just as spectacular and not so fictional in the near future.

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