Hello World!

Hello World!We are Swiggy. We’re a startup and this blog, like us, is a complete baby. We came forth into the bustling 21st century world to grant every foodie within our reach, a seamless dining experience, while adding the luxury of indulging from the comfort of one’s couch.

And thus, ‘The Munching Bag’ was conceived (after some internal debate on whether a brand blog is really necessary). We plan on posting some awesome and weird stuff for you, given that we endorse couch-potatoism: no lazing-around-the-house experience is complete without some internet-based entertainment; certainly not in 2015.

The internet is full of wonderful stuff and it’s a powerful, ever growing entity, having an almost God-like status, considering the control it has over each of our lives. Let’s make the most of it; allow us to entertain you and give back to our favourite people. It’s the least we could do, since you’ve been awesome enough to give us an extraordinary response right from when we launched, you hungry bunch. This blog will also be a platform for detailed communication between you, the customer and us, the figurative middlemen in the quest for great food.

From everyone here at Swiggy, and especially from me, the anonymous author, we hope you have a terrific week. :)


 We’d love to hear your thoughts on the sort of stuff you’d like to see, apart from what we’ll already be posting.

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