Inside (Double) Scoop – Gettin’ them awesome restaurants!


How do we choose a restaurant? How do we list a restaurant? What measures do we take if a restaurant doesn’t live up to our standards? How do we build partnerships with restaurants? All your questions are going to be answered, read on to find out!

How do we choose a restaurant?

The first aspect of deciding whether a restaurant should be listed on Swiggy is pretty straightforward: does the food taste good? Opinions are collected, anonymous reviews are undertaken and statistics are double checked to ensure this restaurant suits its neighbourhood’s needs.

After a consensus is reached on whether or not the restaurant in question matches up to our criteria, the baton of responsibility is handed over to the business team, which acquaints itself with the owners and management of the restaurant. Their primary task is to clarify all the doubts that a restaurateur could have, since they are about to undertake a big step in changing the way their eatery functions.

How do we get them on board?

After the discussions, deals are made, hands are shaken, contracts are signed and the client service team takes over.  They carry the bulk of the responsibility, since a small team of less than 50 members manages around 12000 restaurants from across the country! This exceedingly patient and dedicated team have no dearth of work to do.

To start with, they provide tools and training to restaurant management to efficiently integrate their business into our service model. This includes teaching the staff to use the Swiggy Restaurant Partner app installed into their smart phones / tablets / PCs to allow them to easily manage orders placed through the portal.

It doesn’t end there, the client service team is on standby 24/7 to keep restaurant partners happy and engaged – keeping things interesting is what keeps us going. From taking feedback and complaints, to resolving minor niggles and issues and serving as the bridge between restaurants on Swiggy – they do it all.


Above: Bangalore’s Vendor Management team manages more than 2200 restaurants alone.

How do we ensure standards are maintained?

Being a part of a service that strives to be excellent comes with plenty of standards for a restaurant to adhere to.  The most important expectation that needs to be met without exception is hygiene. If a customer raises a concern about a restaurant for something like serving a vegetarian dish with non vegetarian bits in it, or insects being found in the food – the restaurant’s operations are suspended with immediate effect.  The restaurant is only made live again once Swiggy has been able to gather enough proof that genuine efforts have been made in mitigating the recurrence of wayward incidents. Our restaurants are also required to consistently deliver on time, since we don’t like keeping our customers waiting. If a restaurant does not accept the order soon enough, a delivery executive is dispatched to personally place a consumer’s order.

Getting a restaurant on board and serviceable on Swiggy is an intricate process that involves many people. A broad spectrum of skills go into turning the favourite restaurant of a neighbourhood into a virtual restaurant you can order from online.  The selection process is almost pedantic, and standards to maintain are stringent – that’s why we take great pride in each order successfully delivered.

The next time you place an order with us, just remember that you have set off a lengthy chain of events that require unfaltering performance to execute successfully. Mistakes we make are translated into learning experiences that improve the ordering experience for a country full of users. With time, we’re only going to get faster.


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