Join us in Applauding our Crew in Chennai.

As most already know, the city of Chennai recently fell victim to devastating floods that affected nearly the entire city. These floods were sudden, caused by unprecedented rainfall and caught most by surprise. The rapid influx of water spawned havoc all around, leaving thousands with no access to food, water, electricity or any other bare necessities – for days on end.

An accurate picture of the destruction that ensued from the unseasonal rains can’t possibly be painted here, in this one blog post. Instead, it is meant to serve as a tribute to our team in Chennai. Our delivery partners, who, despite our Chennai operations being halted, went above and beyond the call of duty in helping flood victims recuperate. With the ingenious use of their existing knowledge of the food/restaurant network in Chennai, the team were able to help procure and distribute large volumes of relief aid to the flood-hit families across the city.

As mentioned in this video, the selfless crew from Chennai helped coordinate a massive operation by distributing food from the Spring Hotel to several stranded families. Besides which, they helped procure and transport medicines, sanitary napkins and packaged foods in the areas worst hit by the floods. Besides supplying essentials, the crew even helped coordinated rescue operations by retrieving stranded individuals and reuniting them with their family members. They spent most of their times between December 2nd and 6th on streets, doing whatever they could – and doing it with awe inspiring efficiency.
Join us in applauding our crew in Chennai. They deserve to know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

4 thoughts on “Join us in Applauding our Crew in Chennai.

  1. Great Job Swiggy. When many recognized and big established hotel chains and other businesses were more interested in making use of this crisis in making more money by increasing their rates, it was refreshing to see a startup step up to the challenge and help the people. It was a indeed a great noble gesture. The City salutes you and your team.

  2. First of all i thank the entire swiggy team for taking initiative to help people in chennai…

    I do appreciate your humanity inspite of all the risks that was on u…
    I wish that swiggy to become more and more successfull in all its proceesses .. day -by-day…
    …. and continue its good work… to help itself and people…

    WELL DONE SWIGGY …:) \m/

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