Rating For A Great Delivery Experience

It’s been over a year and a half since Swiggy was launched. Because of rapid expansion in this period, we currently deliver more than a million orders a month placed through our mobile and web platforms.

With these platforms expanding, Swiggy has become an almost crucial part of the users’ day to day lives, helping them decide where to get their food – guided by our ratings system. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the users’ culinary decisions are well informed.

With all the experience and data gathered over time, we are implementing some significant improvements to our system. The objective was to devise a rating system which is representative of the real-world quality of food served by a restaurant.

Our old ratings model was based on an absolute average of ratings given by our users after delivery of their food. This resulted in a majority of restaurants being rated in close proximity to one another, with a majority of them falling in the range of 3.8 to 4.2. What we understood was that our users could benefit from a wider spread of ratings in order to help choose what they would have for their next meal.

Despite the new system still being based on the average ratings given by users, ratings on more recent orders are given preference. The entire list of restaurants is spread over a wider range of ratings, resulting in a flatter graph. A derivative of the ratings of the most recent orders of a given restaurant by the user, the ratings are also now normalized for each city.

Below is the comparison graph of old and new rating curves distributed for all restaurants. This change will help users in making a better buying decision on the basis of the restaurant’s rating


Now users will be able to compare two restaurants to decide which of them is better than the other in terms of ratings given by the users who ordered from them. We will continue to work on improving the rating system and hope to help our users better in deciding what great places they want to eat from around them.

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  1. Amazing service by swiggy. Big applause to Keshavan S for a great service. He took effort in delivering me the food that I really wanted by contacting all the possible branches of Baskin robbins that had the cake that I wanted.

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