#5to9Tales: Read The Untold Stories Of Swiggsters, Straight From The Heart


While our Swiggsters are busy changing the hyperlocal ecosystem on one hand, on the other they’re fulfilling their passions and spending time on their hobbies. Here’s presenting Swiggy’s #5to9Tales – an insight on what our Swiggsters busy themselves with when they’re not working! Read on to know more about these Swiggsters!


Ranganath MK, QA Engineer, a true crusader of our value – Always Be Curious, Always be Learning. A biking enthusiast who loves exploring and finding peace amidst nature with his laptop as his companion because learning never stops for him.

His dedication to the QA team and his hobbies have also made him a Swiggstar Award winner!




A state-level hockey player, Gagan M a customer care executive at Swiggy, started his Fencing journey from 7th grade. He has participated in over thirteen national level tournaments and also qualified for five international events and two state Olympics. He’s been actively involved in the sport for over a decade.

Although he’s now busy solving all the customer related problems in Swiggy, he takes time out for various competitions in Bangalore and other places in India.



Dharmesh, Software Developer at Swiggy, is an adrenaline junkie who is fond of trekking and kayaking. During the week, he takes time out post-office hours to catch up with his trekking buddies and researches on his next destination for the upcoming weekend trip.

Working at Swiggy gives him the opportunity to tick things off his bucket list, while taking up interesting projects at work.



Umesh Krishna K, Swiggy’s brand marketing manager,  says, “Swiggy strongly encourages its employees to act like owners, which helps me plan my schedule outside of work hours with a lot of freedom and ease. Since, fitness and dance have been my passion and now my side job, it has helped me work and train people across several #fitness programmes like HIIT, ZumbaFitness, Pilates and Conditioning.”



Pallavi Bhargava’s story started the day she discovered art within her. She’s passionate about making colors, lines, and pixels talk. A graphic designer by day and an artist by night, the essence of her work is happy things for happy people as she is deeply motivated by positivity in attitude. In art, Typography is her best friend, while watercolor, her oldest. She is often seen lost in music by the band ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ while drawing inspiration on a piece of paper.

When not with a sketchbook and a brush, she’s often found spending time around good coffee and furry four-legged fur-balls.


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