What better way to kick start the year than with some conversation around FOOD! And even better, it happened over Twitter! 

On 21st January 2020, we hosted a Tweetchat around ‘Building New and Unexplored Food Experiences’ for the Swiggy Access Kitchens, where we invited our leaders — Aakash Bhotika, AVP-Swiggy Access, and Rahul Samat, AVP-Brand Development — to lead the conversation about new food experiences at Swiggy. 

If you missed the #SwiggyAccessConnect Tweet Chat, you have landed on the right page to get a snapshot of the conversation.

Why this Tweetchat? 

“What’s new on the plate?” Since 2017, the Swiggy team that lives and breathes food — New Supply — has been focused on answering this question. The Culinary R&D division within our New Supply team has always been steadfast at delivering incomparable food experiences to our consumers.

This year, we wanted to welcome questions from all the curious audience members who might be secretly wondering what new delectable food options Swiggy Access Kitchens will bring this time. So, with that foresight in mind, we let the world know that we are creating something amazing through this Tweet Chat!

Let’s look at some of the pressing questions and informative answers from the Tweet Chat.

With this, we hope that our Twitter followers were able to better understand the ingredients that  make up the New Supply team such a unique business model, resulting in us receiving insight into how much people wanted to know about our vision into the food pipeline. To get a download on the entire Tweet Chat, visit this link.

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