Differences Bring Us Together To Bring Out The Best In Us

In a tête-à-tête with Swiggster and Product Manager, Saumya Dubey, she explains what diversity means to her within Swiggy and how Swiggy continues to strengthen the inclusivity agenda.


The essence of diversity

Over the years, the term ‘diversity’ has become more subjective. No longer is it just about caste, creed or gender, but broader and more infinite than that. In Saumya Dubey’s words: “It’s not about gender or what age group we fall into; it’s about understanding how different we are.” 

For Saumya, diversity is about the variety that people bring to the table — in terms of work, ideas, perspectives, etc. She believes that these varied perspectives are essential to understand the needs of Swiggy’s diverse customers. As a Product Manager, this helps to decipher how the brand can drive extensive personalisation while still being able to deliver an overall product at Swiggy. She highlights, “Diversity and inclusion at the heart of it, is about being empathetic.”

“When my teammates come to me with ideas, they think like a customer and raise questions like, ‘why don’t we have kid-friendly meals for parents?’. Questions like this originate from a point of empathy, and that’s the viewpoint we need to cater to with a diverse set of customers.

Diversity does not have a one-fit-all way about it, explains Saumya. “For instance, you need to understand how a 28-year-old working woman feels and also understand how a working parent feels. Their scenarios are completely different, and hence solving for them needs diverse solutions.” 

“Once, after a late meeting, one of my team members walked up to me and said that he is not comfortable working long hours as he needs to get home and spend time with his family. Respecting where that person is coming from is also a form of diversity,” says Saumya. 

Dynamics in project output 

When asked how an end product changes by having a woman teammate’s perspective while in development, she lit up and said, “Here’s a simple instance. After we hired a female graphic designer, the imagery in our applications started having a lot of women and pets around. For instance, for Swiggy Stores, we had a design where a woman is collecting parcels with a cat beside her. So, that’s how we serve different audiences while we’re largely catering to a different spectrum of diversity.” says Saumya. 

She laughs and says that there’s a diverse tension even when it comes to the content that is put out. “Our millennial team members use a lot of funky words, than that of GenX or our GenZ’s. I feel it’s with this good balance and variety that we are able to keep our messaging casual, yet professional.”

An atmosphere of inclusiveness

Swiggy’s culture, from the beginning, has always encouraged a sense of inclusiveness. Here, no matter who you are, you have a voice. Swiggy’s core value ‘ Act Like An Owner’ urges every Swiggster to think bigger and Saumya has been practicing that since the day she joined the bandwagon. “When I feel I need to be vocal about something, I walk up to the leaders or even Harsha, for that matter. That’s part of Swiggy’s culture. If you have a problem, you can directly walk up to the person without hesitation.” She further adds, “Women receive a lot of mentoring at Swiggy regardless of their background. As for me, it has always helped me feel more confident and comfortable at my workplace.”

Before signing off, she reiterates “When we make a proactive effort to be empathetic, it invites productive collaboration, and as a Product Manager, being empathetic is at the core of my job. I need to be empathetic about my stakeholders, my customers, anyone for that matter.” 

Saumya is passionate about helping women grow through mentorship. By using empathy to drive these interactions, and from personal experience, she believes that women tend to perform a lot better when they feel included, and that’s what she is driving at Swiggy. 

Saumya is just one of our many Wonder Women who makes Swiggy a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. Stick around for more such stories by following us on blog.swiggy.com.

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