Here Are 10 Restaurants In Bengaluru That The Die-Hard Foodies At Swiggy Absolutely Love!


Gone are the days of poring through food magazines or restaurant reviews. The next time you’d like good food suggestions in your city, all you need to do is check out @swiggyindia on Instagram – we’ve got you covered. 😉

For now, let us take you around 10 restaurants in Bengaluru handpicked by die-hard foodies who work at Swiggy. Check it out!

A Balanced Diet

Call off the search because Ruchika from the New Supply team at Swiggy, has figured out the perfect balanced diet: for a cheat meal, you cover up with healthy food! Here’s how to do it.

Pick #1: Tall Blonde French, Koramangala

If there was ever a French fries paradise, it’s this one. Tall Blonde French brings you loads of different fries that you’ll never get tired of trying. Count us in!

Order from Tall Blonde French here >>


Pick #2: Yogisthaan, Koramangala

Feeling fried? Try Yogisthaan for their wholesome, delicious & absolutely healthy food that’ll recharge you in no time!

Order from Yogisthaan here >>

The Quick Ol’ Breakfast @ Yogisthaan


Wok Up & Smell The Coffee

Here’s a cookie for thought. No really, here’s Manisha, our in-house data scientist or @cookieforthought on Instagram, who showed us the places she likes to order in from.

Pick #3: The Flying Squirrel, Koramangala

Known best for their artisan coffee sourced in-house, The Flying Squirrel also serves up a host of delicious yet filling perfect cafe fare! Mmm.

Order from The Flying Squirrel right here >>

Isn’t Proteinated one of the most beautiful breakfast spreads you’ve seen?


Pick #4: Wok Paper Scissors, Koramangala

Don’t you just love those adorable lil’ Chinese takeaway boxes? We sure do! Wok Paper Scissors is right for you if you love savoury Chinese fare delivered to your doorstep.

Order from Wok Paper Scissors here >>

This Honey Chilli Tossed Crispy Lotus Stem is straight out of our dreams!


Health Is Wealth

Umesh, brand manager at Swiggy & self-proclaimed fitness freak, loves to eat good, healthy food. (Of course, cheat days are allowed! ;)) Here are his picks to satisfy both hunger & cravings.

Pick #5: Hwealth Cafe, HSR Layout

With everything from home-baked Carrot Cake to tangy Chicken Thai Basil Meal Platter on the menu, Hwealth Cafe is perfect for foodies with an appetite for guiltless indulgence!

Order from Hwealth Cafe here >>

This Carrot Cake is #DessertGoals.


Pick #6: Lakeview Milkbar, MG Road

With their fresh sandwiches (served with potato crisps!) and yummy desserts, Lakeview Milkbar had, has and will continue to have a soft spot in our hearts!

Order from Lakeview Milkbar here >>

Veggie Cutlets from Lakeview Milkbar are both cute and delish!


Nothing Like The Desi Food

With a melting pot of cultures & cuisines in one large subcontinent, you can never have enough of the variety of Indian food. Saiyona, manager at Swiggy’s Supply team, tried a sample of delicious Indian cuisines with her 2 picks.

Pick #7: Anand Sweets & Savouries, Jayanagar

When it comes to Indian sweets, Anand Sweets & Savouries is the place to be! If you haven’t checked this place out, you’re truly missing out.

Order from Anand Sweets & Savouries here >>

Refuse Kaju Katli? Nope, never.


Pick #8: Nagarjuna, JP Nagar

Nagarjuna has been a staple part of every Bangalorean’s weekend diet while growing up. Why? Because their meals (and biryanis) are just so darn flavoursome!

Order from Nagarjuna here >>

The meals at Nagarjuna are just legendary!


End On A Sweet Note

A wise (wo)man once said, “There’s always room for desserts” and guess what? It’s absolutely true! If you agree too, here are 2 dessert picks that you’ll love, brought to you by Akshaya & Afreen from the marketing team at Swiggy.

Pick #9: Smoor Chocolates, Indiranagar

Our guess for the reason why Smoor is called so is because no matter how many times you indulge in their delicious desserts, you’ll always want s’more! No really, try it for yourself to believe it 🙂

Order from Smoor Chocolates here >>

Gooey Chocolate Cake brought from the heavens, oops, Smoor Chocolates 😉

Pick #10: Icebreakers, Koramangala

If you think that rolled ice creams are all the rage, hold on and try out Icebreakers’ rolled ice creams. One of their strangest yet delicious rolled ice creams is called Netflix, made from popcorn & nachos with a drizzle of caramel. Wow.

Order from Icebreakers here >>

Oh Brownie Fudge Ice Cream, how we wish you were here! Oh, just gotta order.

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