One Person, Many Hats – Meet Afreen Siraj, Swiggy’s Multifaceted And Talented Product Marketer

From writing blogs, to exploring ways to take new products to the market, Afreen Siraj has juggled between several roles at Swiggy. Catch the Swiggster speak about her journey, the importance of consumer-empathy, and much more in the #WomenOfSwiggy series.


A common sight at the Swiggy Corporate Office, Afreen can be spotted sporting a pair of retro headphones for most parts of her day. “That’s just my way of cutting out the noise and focusing on what’s most important at the moment,” she says. For someone who claims to be an introvert by nature, she does say a lot.

Afreen’s tryst with Swiggy began three years ago when she joined the brand as a Content Writer, and today, that path has led her to become a Product Marketer with an unusual edge. She’s a qualified Computer Science Engineer who found love in the written word. “My first job was with a company in the IT sector, where I was working as a Java Developer. While the work was good, it wasn’t as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. I joined another start-up, shortly after to take on the role of a Content and Community Lead – a complete change from what I was originally supposed to do. Again, the work there, while satisfying, was challenging because I couldn’t really understand what was working and what wasn’t,” narrates Afreen. That’s when Afreen got an interview call from Swiggy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s a quick flashback on her journey from being a Content Writer to a Product Marketer.

A hunger to learn
“I’ve been pretty lucky throughout my tenure at Swiggy. Over the course of these three years, I’ve had seven mentors, each with a different mentoring style and all with a bounty of knowledge,” she recalls. “Along the way, I’ve made some amazing friends and also realized where my true passion lies. It’s not just for writing content or copy or marketing a product. The fact that I am able to understand our consumers and help the team build great products that are loved by them is what really gets me ticking,” she adds.

A core value at Swiggy that Afreen truly connects with is ‘Always be curious, always be learning.’ She does a great amount of research to understand our consumers and the dynamics of the market. It has helped her stay focused throughout her journey at Swiggy.

Stepping into the consumer’s shoes
“In every role that I’ve taken up, I’ve always tried to get a sense and understanding of the end user. While writing, I often ask myself if the person reading the content/copy will perceive it in the way we want them to? Will it excite the readers or will it come across as something we are trying to enforce upon them? This, I believe, is what I bring to the table.” Afreen has moved from being a Content Writer to a Social Media Marketer to a Product Marketer. But through it all, two things remained constant — her love for writing and deep empathy for the user. Those who have worked with her claim that user empathy is truly her superpower and this has helped her deliver great campaigns and help build even better products. “User empathy has helped me a great deal in all my interactions at Swiggy as well,” she quickly adds. “I’ve been able to effortlessly get along with the people I’ve worked with, and also stay away from unproductive conflicts.”

A myriad of opportunities  
Finding your sweet-spot at work doesn’t necessarily come immediately for everyone. Sometimes it takes trying out a whole lot of different things to find that perfect role. “I’m someone who loves solving problems. I don’t settle easily and I certainly don’t like looking at my work as just a job done. This is where I find Swiggy’s internal mobility policy super beneficial. All one needs is the passion and drive to prove yourself and the company will back you to take up a role you love,” says Afreen while signing-off. 

Swiggy, strongly values its people and believes that given the right platform and opportunity, they will be able to perform to the best of their ability at work. “It’s pretty cool to have an Internal Job Posting (IJP) Policy like ours that helps employees take up different roles and make career moves of their choice. The opportunities you get at Swiggy are based on interest and capability, and not necessarily on the educational qualification you hold. This makes movement to new roles pretty easy,” adds Afreen. 

It’s been a year since Afreen moved from the Marketing Team to the Product Team. In her current role, she works on the marketing aspects for R&G and delivery products. She wants to focus her efforts on a new user group — the Swiggy Delivery Partners, and help build products that make their lives easier. 

Afreen is not the first to make the best of this opportunity at Swiggy, and most definitely, not the last either. All it takes is a hunger to learn and the right platform to grow. Stay tuned for more such interesting stories by following us on

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