Woof! Here’s All You Need To Know About Swiggy, Our Foodie Spirit Animal


Warning: If cute dogs give you a case of the “Awws”, turn away right now.

What do you do when you feel hungry? For some, it’s preparing a comforting meal. For some others, it’s going out to eat. But most of us just like to Swiggy it in because it’s fast, easy and satisfying!

Imagine our surprise when we found a totally new meaning to our favourite word.

Meet Swiggy – the 1-year-old, forever-hungry beagle who lives with her parents, Sujata and Akhil, and her 4-year-old brother, Mofie.

The second we heard about Swiggy, we were curious – why the name ‘Swiggy’? All we wanted to do from that moment was to meet her and hear the story behind her name. So, we got in touch.

Doggies’ day out!

Sujata and Akhil were kind enough to bring their baby girl all the way from Chennai to our HQ in Bengaluru to meet us. And boy, we were excited to meet this little rockstar!

From the very second Swiggy set her paw into our HQ, she fit right in. In a matter of seconds, she ran across the entire floor, let out excited barks to signal her arrival and poked her nose in all the nooks she could find to sniff out food!

The name is Swiggy, Swiggy the beagle

And when she saw the treats we got her, she didn’t waste a second in digging into them. Here’s her trying to get a bite of it!

Don’t you wish somebody would look at you the way Swiggy looks at food?!


Here’s another for good measure…

Hooman can’t stop me now!


She’s a lightning-fast food finder (we’re not even kidding!)

While Swiggy and Mofie were busy nom-noming away, we got to talk to their parents. Here’s what they had to say about her & her partner-in-crime, Mofie.

Team Swiggy (TS): There’s one thing we’re dying to know and you know what it is. Why the name Swiggy?

Sujata & Akhil (S&A): Since the first time we laid eyes on Swiggy, we’ve never seen her stay still. She’s a total bundle of energy – a perfect yin to Mofie’s yang.

While Mofie enjoys a nap, Swiggy is looking for ways to eat her treats.

Also, she loves to eat! She can’t take her eyes off food. Heck, if there’s food around, expect her to be there.

That got us thinking of a couple of names for her. One of them was Tesla, but it didn’t signify her love for food. And then we wondered, “Why not call her Swiggy?”, because no matter where the food is, she’ll find it, and like, super fast! It stuck, and the rest is history!

TS: When is Swiggy’s & Mofie’s cake day?

S&A: Swiggy’s birthday is on 12th May and we celebrate Mofie’s birthday on both 4th & 5th January.


TS: What do Swiggy & Mofie love to eat?

S&A: They’re huge fans of chicken & rice!

With full tummies & dog-friendly treats and gifts packed for home, it was time to say goodbye to Swiggy and Mofie. We bid adieu to Swiggy and her family with a heavy heart. But one thing’s for sure – Swiggy’s pawsome presence lit up our HQ like nothing else!

Paw-worthy moments!

Who’s a good boy? Mofie loves a good neck-rub.

Swiggy cuddles!

If Swiggy is your spirit animal, then it’s what you need! Just pick what you want to eat from nearby restaurants and we’ll deliver it to you in no time. Get the app here & Swiggy away!

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