8 Restaurants Across India That Are Recommended By Google Local Guides


Who doesn’t love a good scoop? We’re bringing to you the inside scoop on top restaurants rated by Local Guides—people like you who’re always on the lookout for great places to eat at, whopeople like you who’re always on the lookout for great places to add and review on Google Maps. Each pick represents a Swiggy city, which you can choose to order from! To make it easier for others to find your favorite restaurant and food discoveries, join the community here.

Here’s where you should definitely eat from each Swiggy city:

1. Delhi – Bijoli Grill, Google Rating: 4.5

There’s something down-to-earth about the Bengali delicacies that Bijoli Grill serves its patrons. Known for its simple, no frills traditional Bengali food – one of the must tries at Bijoli is the Mutton Mangsho, which is a spiced dark curry with juicy mutton that falls off the bone. Another must try includes the Daab Chingri, a prawn curry cooked in a mustard-coconut cream spice mix and served in a tender coconut kernel.

What Google Local Guides are saying:
Sudipto De: “One of the best places to have Bengali food in Delhi. I really enjoy the Mughlai parantha here.”

2. Gurugram – Mamagoto, Google rating: 4.3,

If Pan-Asian is your jam, Mamagoto is the place to try! Their Thai glass noodle salad is worth a mention. The lemony flavours blend with the fresh pepper and various other spices used, making it a great appetizer. Another dish to try would be their Indonesian curry with rice which is served on a lotus leaf. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

What Google Local Guides are saying:
Neetika Bishwas: “Amazing food, great ambience. Try the desserts; brilliant!”.

3. Chennai – Ecstasy, Google rating: 4.4

For an exquisite round of desserts, head over to Ecstasy. We highly recommend their Dark Flak and chocolate ice cream. It’s a delicious milk jivara chocolate mousse served on a crunchy biscuit base covered with a milky chocolate glaze. We bet you guys are already drooling right now, thinking about it!
What Google Local Guides are saying:
Ash Takano: “Walked in here when there was a little time left before a movie. Ordered the double coffee tiramisu and absolutely didn’t regret it. It lives up to the name of the store! I’m sure you could try anything here and be delighted. I’m just sad that I didn’t have enough time to try everything!”

4. Hyderabad – Minerva Coffee Shop, Google rating: 4.2

One of the oldest coffee shops in the city, Minerva is a cafe serving vegetarian, south Indian food and beverages . If you’ve got the munchies for south Indian food, you should try the rasam vada – crispy vadas soaked in a tangy spiced rasam and their famous onion uthappam.

What Google Local Guides are saying:

Daniel Thumaty K: “Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is good. Ambience is good. Valet parking is available!”. We also recommend their rasam vada and of course, for which coffee lovers throng at their doorstep. I added this bit here to make it sound authentic like our usual blog posts. What do you think? Should I also add our recommendations?

5. Kolkata – Flurys, Google rating: 4.1

The cafe’s been running since 1927 and has been a favourite due to its ability to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. We recommend trying their speciality, hot chocolate and chocolate mousse. A heaven on earth for all chocolate lovers!

What our Google Local Guides are saying:

Dibyendu Roy Chowdury: “Flurys has a wide collection of English and continental breakfast. Excellent quality. It is located in the heart of the city at Park Street and retains the old Calcutta charm.”

6. Mumbai – Smoke House Deli, Google Local Guide rating: 4.3

Smoke House Deli is a cheerful deli that serves the best of continental food. Meat eaters who have eaten here simply love the Cambodian basa with smoked pimento sauce that is served with roasted veggies and cous cous. For dessert, the Oreo cheesecake is a winner.

What our Google Local Guides are saying:

Prashanth V: “Smoke House Deli is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai. Consistent quality of food and service. Great options for breakfast and for lunch and dinner. Really recommend the sangria and steak.”

7. Pune – Flambos Microbrewery & Pub, Google Local Guide rating: 4.3

Flambos is a buzzing brewpub serving designer beers, brunches and pub grub platters. What one must eat at Flambos is the Cowabunga – a delicious smoked pepperoni, jalapeno and mushroom pizza. Their hummus and pita platter also comes highly recommended from people who are true Middle-Eastern food lovers.

What our Google Local Guides are saying:

Nilesh Giri: “The place is good and really impresses in the taste of brew flavors. Always have big offers and discounts on drinks. You will love the brewed beer here. Table booking is recommended on weekends. It’s something that is about to get famous. Parking is available for cars and bikes. It’s a good place for parties and having fun with friends.”

8. Bangalore – Teppan Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar restaurant, Google Local Guides rating: 4.4

Hop on board the Oriental express at Teppan! This authentic Japanese restaurant serves up some of the city’s most beloved Japanese delicacies. Their live Teppanyaki grill is worth savouring and their sushi maki rolls truly live up to the hype.

Check out what our Google Local Guides are saying:

Anil Karat says, “Really good sushi place in the heart of the city. Try their bento boxes if you want to have a mini meal or just go for the sushi platters.”

That concludes our Local Guides list for food lovers across the country. So next time those hunger cravings kick in and for some reason you’re unable to get out, you can always fire up the Swiggy app. Sit back and tune in to your favourite TV show while we bring all your favourite treats right to your doorstep! Savvy eh?

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