6 Features On The Swiggy App That Make It Super Cool To Order Food!


When it comes to picking what to eat, God, it’s a challenge! Believe us, we’ve been there too. Which is why the team at Swiggy works tirelessly to prepare a product that doesn’t just help you order food, but makes the whole ordering experience a lot easier for you!

How, you ask? Here are some features on the Swiggy app that make ordering food an easy-peasy experience!

Feature #1: What’s The Scoop On This Restaurant?

New on the block? Daily updated menus? Now, there’s no need to dig for the scoop – it’s right there!

With restaurant tags, you can check out new restaurants (‘Newly Added’ tag), restaurants that deliver only via Swiggy (‘Exclusive’ tag) and eateries that have brand-new menus daily (‘Daily Menus’ tag). Isn’t that handy?


Feature #2: Fast & Curious? Quickly View Dishes!

Why open a restaurant’s menu to see what kind of food it serves? See it on the feed itself!

Knowing foodies all too well, Swiggy allows a quick view of recommended dishes from a restaurant, so that you don’t have to open the menu to check out what’s cooking.


Feature #3: Watch Out While It Dish-Appears!

When there are food shots, can food vids be far behind? Not on Swiggy!

Now, you can see the restaurant’s recommended dishes live in action! Is there anything else we could ask for? *drools*

*This feature is available only in select areas.


Feature #4: You’re Sorted!

Sometimes, you need fast delivery. Other times, it’s all about the best food in the ‘hood. No matter what the situation, we’ll ensure you’re sorted 😉

You can now sort the restaurants near you in four ways – by delivery time, cost for a meal for two, the restaurant’s rating or by Swiggy’s algorithm that picks out the relevant restaurants that are best suited to your tastebuds!


Feature #5: Dishing Out The Bestsellers

No more calling your friends, family, neighbours or distant relatives to find out which dish to order in!

Spot the ‘Must Try’ tag over a dish? The tagged dish is rated highly by other foodies who ordered it. For the dishes that are selling like hot cakes, look out for the ‘Bestsellers’ tag.


Feature #6: Gotta Collect Them All!

Restaurants with superfast deliveries? Offers? Mealboxes? Yes, yes, yes, and there’s more!

With Swiggy’s curated collections, you can discover a wide range of restaurants near you, everything from new and trending restaurants to veg- and pocket-friendly ones near you!

Love what Swiggy has in store for food lovers? Hop on over to Swiggy and enjoy lightning-fast delivery of your food from your favourite neighbourhood restaurant right now! Get the app here.

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