Funny Suggestions #2: Check Out These 20 Bizarre & Hilarious Food Suggestions On Swiggy That’ll Leave You In Splits!


When we looked at the suggestions people left on the official day of pranks, April 1st, in the past years, we fell off our chairs laughing, with shock or both. REALLY!

Check out these 20 absolutely bizarre & hilarious suggestions that’ll have you ROFLing like us. 😀

1: Sure, my Lord. *GoT theme starts*

Send Crowns


2: #MillennialProblems

Give more chicken pieces please we are broke


3: Sweet? Biryani? *Darth Vader’s voice* NOOOOOOOOO.

Biryani to be spicy and more onions. Little more amount of sweet.


4: Naked fry?!

Make prawns naked fry. Send gravy and onions.


5: This just in… chocolate chip cookie has received official veggie status!

All vegetables except onions, chocolate chip cookie


6: Thick is the new Size Zero.

Make it so thick it is difficult to drink with straw.


7: Apparently, that’s how tea is made sometimes.

No salt in the tea, just incase you put it.


8: We’re good, but we’re not God 😉

Dosa with thee and coffee without sugar


9: Just us, or does this remind you of Chandler’s “Gum would be perfection”?

non sticky rice would be excellent


10: O-kay, dawg.

one is without p-nuts


11: Tell us you were talking about Manchurian and not Chucky. *scared*

Pls replace baby man with paratha and dal makhni with yellow dal


12: “Okay.”

Room delivery and “no spice”


13: Wow. Can we have some of this super chutney?

spicy. extra palliative chutney.


14: Just included this because aww!

Non spicy for puppies. Dont add any masala or spice.


15: Where can we find this No Nuts, No Nonsense chocolate?

No nuts in all chocolate no nonsense


16: Sure, umm, wait, WHAT?



17: Who called it Butter Chicken and not Murg Makhanwala?

Confirm that Murg Makhanwala is same as Butter chicken


18: Who asked for an I-thalio?

Please send Indian Thali. Earlier you sent Italian one instead of Indian.


19: We REALLY don’t know what you were going for when you say that…

2 black and white, 2 alien, 2 oreo


20: And finally, a fun fact about Buffalo Wings! 😉

There are two types of buffalo wings- Chinese and tandoori. I want the Chinese type of buffalo wings.

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