Now Serving Haleem: 8 Restaurants In Hyderabad That Will Deliver Haleem To Your Doorstep This Ramadan


If we could give away awards to food, the one for “Tried Once, Loved It Forever Since” would go to the humble Haleem, hands down! This nutritious stew made of pounded wheat, lentils and meat is an absolute delight to relish & a perfect choice for those fasting this Ramadan. If you’re looking for restaurants serving Haleem in Hyderabad, here are 8 of them to try right now!

Refer to the restaurant’s menu for the latest prices.

1. Pista House, Nallankunta & Vidyanagar

Established in the late 90s, Pista House is now synonymous with the phrase “Hyderabadi Haleem”. Their generous portion of meat & ghee along with the use of local spices make the Haleem here a must-try!

Cost: Rs.160 for One Plate Haleem Box (Mutton)

Must-try: Grilled Sandwich, Chicken Burger & Cucumber Green Apple Juice

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2. Shah Ghouse, Gachibowli

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Shah Ghouse, known for its legendary biryanis, also serves Haleem during Ramadan that you must try this time around for sure!

Cost: Rs.170 for Special Mutton Haleem

Must-try: Chicken or Mutton Special Biryani & Shah Ghouse Special Chicken Rumali Shawarma

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3. SodaBottleOpenerWala, Jubliee Hills


Yes, your favourite Parsi food place will also serve Haleem this season! What’s better is that their Haleem comes in many variants – right from Roasted Corn Haleem for vegetarians to Prawn Haleem for seafood-ies!

Cost: Rs.150 for Vegetable Haleem & Rs.200 for Chicken Haleem

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4. Paradise Biryani, Madhapur

With their Haleem Festival on through the month, you can choose to order in a plate of Haleem or even their Haleem Combo!

Cost: Rs.257 for their combo of Haleem, dessert and a soft drink

Must-try: Special Chicken or Mutton Biryani

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5. Shadab, Banjara Hills


While its original outlet close to Charminar is a tourist attraction by itself (for its biryani!), this outlet will deliver Shadab’s lip-smacking Haleem right to your doorstep.

Cost: Rs.320 for Haleem Couple Pack

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6. Sarvi Restaurant, Banjara Hills

Some say that Sarvi serves some of the best Haleem you’ll ever have. With chopped cashew nuts, cream and the mouth-watering aroma of ghee in every bite, we can’t help but agree.

Cost: Rs.200 for a plate of Special Irani Haleem

Must-try: Chicken 65 & Murgh Malai Kebab

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7. Behrouz Biryani, Kondapur

The new kid on the block, Behrouz Biryani, is serving their own spin on Ramadan’s iconic Dish. Named “Gosht Haleem”, this slow-cooked Haleem is served with Khubus (pita bread) to help scoop it up!

Cost: Rs.202 for Gosht Haleem

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8. Faasos, Gachibowli

For all kinds of hunger, Faasos has got your back – you get everything from wraps to rice bowls along with a plate of Haleem for those Ramadan feels!

Cost: Rs.191 for Haleem

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We partnered with these iconic Hyderabadi Haleem restaurants so you can have it delivered fresh & hot to your doorstep on your fasting days! Get the app here so you can check out all the places serving Haleem in your neighbourhood right now. Ramadan Mubarak!

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