Breakfast With Tidbits On The Side: Here’s What These 8 Indian Cities Like To Eat For Breakfast (And There’s More!)


What does India eat for breakfast, and when? Better yet, when is the earliest time you can get your own day started? We’ve got you covered on the breakfast trends across India, sprinkled with a couple of interesting tidbits! Read on.

1. Bengaluru’s Masala Dosa

Bangaloreans, who account for the most breakfast orders in India, know that there’s no better to rise and shine than with a crispy, buttery Masala Dosa.

Open for breakfast? As early as 6:30AM in areas like Electronic City & Jayanagar

Just look at this perfect Masala Dosa from the iconic Vidyarthi Bhavan. <3


2. Chennai’s Pongal

Chennai, along with Bengaluru, tie for the position of the earliest breakfast eaters in India at 7.30am! And is there a better love story than Chennaiites & Pongal? We don’t think so!

Open for breakfast? 7AM in most areas of Chennai

Millet Pongal from Dhanniya Soru – yay or YAY?


3. Delhi’s Chole Bhature & Sweet Lassi

The capital city truly has the breakfast of champions, with a plate of piping hot Chole Bhature & cool Sweet Lassi! In fact, Delhi spends most on breakfast orders when compared to other Indian cities.

Open for breakfast? 7AM is when you can start ordering in Delhi

Few come close to the perfect Chole Bhature made by Sita Ram Diwan Chand.


4. Gurgaon’s Aloo Parantha

Aloo Parantha, one of the top 3 most ordered breakfast dishes, is the staple for folks in Gurgaon. Who wouldn’t want to kickstart the day with this delicious dish and a side of curd or ketchup?

Open for breakfast? 7AM in most areas of Gurgaon

Best way to start tomorrow? With steamy, butter-topped Paranthas from Breakfast 7-11.


5. Hyderabad’s Idli

The humble Idli has a huge fan-following in Hyderabad, making it one of the top most ordered dishes in the city! Of course, no one can say no to the tasty trio – Idli, Sambar & Chutney.

Open for breakfast? 7AM in most areas of Hyderabad

New #FoodGoal: Try little Idlis from Little Idli!


6. Kolkata’s Club Kachori

Now, you really know why Kolkata is The City of Joy. While some of us might like the idea of starting the day with ‘koffee’ with Karan, it’s all about Club Kachori with Kolkata here. 😉

Open for breakfast? 8AM in most areas of Kolkata

Best part? Club Kachoris from Haldiram’s can be eaten as breakfast or a snack!


7. Mumbai’s Upma

The city that never sleeps also eats breakfast last, almost an hour after Bengaluru & Chennai, at 8:25AM. And, of course, Upma is the perfectly nutritious way to start your day!

Open for breakfast? Areas like Sion, Matunga, Lower Parel, Fort Colaba & Chembur start serving breakfast as early as 7:30AM

BRB, going gaga over this delish Millet Upma from Kala Ghoda Cafe


8. Pune’s Poha

With most breakfast orders happening at 8.10AM every day, Punekars’ favourite dish comes as no surprise to anyone. It’s the delicious Poha, packed with well-seasoned flattened rice & peanuts!

Open for breakfast? Areas like Viman Nagar, Kothrud, Koregaon Park, Camp & Baner serve from 7AM onwards!

Indori Poha is absolutely delicious, and best tried at Baner’s Indorilaal


Note: These breakfast trends were taken from Swiggy’s order analysis for April-May ‘18.

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