Introducing The All-New Restaurant Rating System On Swiggy


Every day, customers rely on restaurant ratings on Swiggy to decide where to order their next meal from. Today, we have made significant updates to our restaurant rating system. This update is not only to help our customers make better choices but also provide an easy-to-understand process for our restaurant partners.

Rating your order on Swiggy

Restaurant rating system, before

Swiggy’s restaurant rating system was built on a sophisticated methodology, taking into account four big factors –

  1. Recency: Ratings closest to the order time got a higher weightage.
  2. Uniqueness: Since customers like to order from the same restaurants repeatedly, only the most recent unique rating given by the customer was considered.
  3. Normalization: The above calculation would give us an average rating which was further normalized using different factors
  4. Anti-bias: The food and delivery ratings for each order is collected separately to remove bias and to help us understand  what went well and what didn’t.

While this system gave us a wide range of ratings for restaurants (shown as ‘normalized weighted average’), we wanted the calculated rating to truly reflect a customer’s experience (shown as ‘normal average’ in the graph).

Interestingly enough, if we only take the simple average of all our restaurants’ ratings, most restaurants are rated between 3.8 and 4.5. That’s how good the food ordering experience on Swiggy is!


Why we’re updating the system

Our goal is to provide the best experience to both our customers & restaurants partners, and improving the system is a key part of providing this experience. Here’s why updating the system is essential to this goal.

  • Although our rating system made it easier for customers in making their decisions, the factors didn’t totally reflect what they loved the most.
  • It took time for the ratings of newer restaurants on the platform to stabilize.
  • The normalization factor in the rating system was pulling down the ratings of high quality restaurants.

And most importantly – customers didn’t completely know what these ratings stood for. And this is all changing now.


The new restaurant rating system

Two words – simple & transparent. The new rating is not only simpler to understand but also removes any gap between the actual ratings received by the restaurant and the ratings you see on the app.

Here are the factors considered on the new rating system.

  1. Recent & relevant: The new rating of a restaurant is an average of ALL the ratings the restaurant received in the last 12 weeks – simple.
  2. True averages: This factor is easier to understand for our customers as it is a true reflection of their ratings.
  3. Unbiased opinions: We continue to collect ratings about the food & delivery experience separately so we never stop improving!


Next steps…

Our teams are working tirelessly towards improving the feedback experience for both our customers and restaurant partners, making it more seamless, accurate and purposeful. We are constantly experimenting to understand what’s best for our customers. Here are the key features we are planning to solve for in our next release.

  1. Removing any kind of potential bias between food and delivery ratings completely
  2. Finding better ways to capture your feedback along every step of the way
  3. Including additional decision parameters to help customers decide better

Being a direct feedback from our customers about their order experience, ratings are very important to us. We encourage customers to rate every order diligently to help us understand how we can improve.

You can provide detailed feedback on both the food & delivery experience for each order!

We would love to know about what you think about this change. Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated to help us make your Swiggy experience better, everyday!

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