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By Alok Jain

Swiggy Daily

If you live away from home, chances are the question you get asked the most by mom is “Khana kya khaya?” And no matter what the answer is, chances are she’s unhappy. Observe, if you will, our very scientifically designed flowchart of how this interaction plays out.

Food flow chart
No matter what your answer to “Beta, kya khaya?”, it’s always the wrong answer

On a serious note, though, we get how difficult it is to eat right. Super busy days mean there’s little time to buy vegetables, let alone chop and cook them. There is the office or college canteen, of course. But on most days, there’s enough oil in the bhindi masala to put an OPEC nation to shame. And hiring a cook sounds like a good idea, but with your erratic schedule, you know you’ll rarely be around to answer the door for them. That leaves you with the indulgent option of eating out every day or – worse – stocking up on ready-to-eat meals. You’d think a species that managed to put a man on the moon in 1969 would’ve found a way to make simple, homestyle food affordable and accessible by now, but no. So we thought, why don’t we?

Simple, clean and affordable, Swiggy Daily is bound to get mom’s seal of approval

Having revolutionised the food delivery model in India in as little as 5 years, we threw another challenge at ourselves. That of tapping into an unorganised market of home chefs and helping them reach out to people craving affordable, homestyle meals. Kinda like a Tinder for homestyle food delivery, if you will.

And thus was born Swiggy Daily: an all-new app from the house of Swiggy that ticks all the right boxes. Simple, homestyle meals? Check. Hassle-free delivery? Check. Features that let you change your mind whenever you want? Check. Affordable? Check. Mom-approved? Double check.

Swiggy Daily is an all-new app for simple, homestlye lunches & dinners Prices range from Rs 50 - Rs 150

To make sure we really got into the shoes of our customers, Swiggy Daily was designed by people like our customers. Which is why Swiggy Daily is super flexible. Order a single meal if you’d like or subscribe to a 30-day plan; switch your meal plan if you’re bored or pause it when you’ve got travel plans. We’ve kept things refreshingly simple in an otherwise complicated world.

Swiggy Daily is now available in Gurgaon and will expand to the rest of NCR and other cities soon. In the coming months, the menu will also include snacks, beverages and cut fruits. So keep an eye out for updates from us.

Try Swiggy Daily and we’ll knock 20% off* of orders for the first month. Ordered from Daily already? Tell us what you liked and what we could be doing better – we’re all ears. To share your feedback, please write in to:

About Alok Jain:
Alok has been with Swiggy as an EiR (Entrepreneur in Residence) for over a year. Within Swiggy, Alok and his teams are imagining and building a future of unparalleled convenience for our consumers. He leads Swiggy Labs amongst other new business lines. Prior to Swiggy, Alok has been a tech entrepreneur having built companies in food tech, digital commerce and mobile gaming.

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