Introducing Swiggy Go: Can’t go? Make Swiggy Go!


By Team Swiggy

Swiggy Go launches in Bangalore

When Dr. Suess wrote ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’, he clearly didn’t have the average Indian in mind. Because given our traffic, ‘Oh, The Minutes You’ll Waste’ would’ve been a more apt title for a song that neatly sums up our lives.

But that was yesterday. Today, we’re bringing to you Swiggy Go – a brand new offering from Swiggy that’ll make India’s infamous traffic seem like an urban myth. (No, really.)

With Swiggy Go, you can now ask for anything (well, almost anything) to be picked up and dropped off, and leave the running around to us. Forgot your house keys at work? Left your dabba at home? Need your clothes picked up from the tailor’s? Or got an important document to courier? Whatever the task at hand, make Swiggy Go!

Swiggy Go was designed to keep up with today’s modern, busy lifestyles that are ruled by tasks, chores and to-do lists. With lines between work and life blurring, traffic burgeoning and weekends shrinking, there’s little time to do what you love. But now, you can outsource your tasks to us, and focus on what matters most to you. Whether that’s spending more time with your kids, finally getting around to reading War and Peace, or rewatching Mean Girls for the 17th time (hey, we’re not judging), you do you and we’ll do the rest.

Swiggy Go is also perfect if you run a small business that requires regular deliveries but don’t want to invest in hiring a full-time delivery person or building a delivery fleet yourself. With Go, you can deliver baked goods, documents, laundry, handmade toiletries and what have you on-demand, and watch your business grow. All this, with the backing of India’s largest delivery fleet.

Swiggy Go is currently available in Bangalore and will be rolled out to over 300 cities in the year to come. To try out Swiggy Go, update your Swiggy app to the latest version. 

Think we could be doing better? We do, too! Send us your feedback and ideas on what needs fixing to 

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