Monday Blues? Nom-More, Because You Now Get Free Delivery From Top Restaurants Every Nomday!


Even if all the world’s researchers conclude that Tuesday is the worst day of the week, there’s nothing quite like the feels that hit you like a truck on every Monday morning. Which is why we’re replacing the dreary Mondays of our lives with the fun & food-filled Nomdays!

Every Monday, we’re bringing you all the best food of your ‘hood, for NO DELIVERY FEE! With over 2,400 restaurants across 7 cities playing along, Nomdays are set to be the best day of the week from here onwards. 😉

Make the most of Nomdays

To check out all the restaurants where you can order from minus the delivery charges, just fire up the Swiggy app or website and look for the Nomdays collection.

See that Nomdays offer right there?

Here’s a sneak peek at the restaurants in your city that will help you celebrate Nomdays in style!

  • Bangalore: 420+ restaurants like Cafe Thulp, Baba Da Dhaba and Bangaliana
  • Chennai: 360+ restaurants, like Tibbs Frankie, Tosai and Sandwich Square
  • Delhi NCR: 600+ restaurants of which a few are Chaayos, Big Wong and Al Bake
  • Hyderabad: 110+ restaurants like Subway, Hashi and The Thickshake Factory
  • Kolkata: 260+ restaurants like Chicago Pizza, The Yellow Straw and Pithe Bilashi
  • Mumbai: 375+ restaurants like Meraki, Hakka Express and Koinonia Coffee Roasters
  • Pune: 275+ restaurants like Chaitanya Parathas, The Quick Wok and Where Else Cafe

What are you still here for? Head over to the Swiggy app for Nomdays and other exciting deals waiting to be unlocked! 😉

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