If you’re wondering if that’s a typo or gibberish, you’re not alone. The Oxford dictionary defines the meaning of ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ as ‘extraordinarily good’ or ‘wonderful’. While it is a mouthful, we thought it was quite apt to describe the journey of Swiggy SUPER.

For the uninitiated, Swiggy SUPER is our membership program. When we launched SUPER back in September 2018, users could avail benefits like unlimited free deliveries, no surge fees and a dedicated customer care team. We also gave users the option to choose between one month and three-month subscription plans. We intuitively knew that SUPER was going to be big, and the numbers don’t lie! Within two months of launching, over 4 lakh users had already signed up on Swiggy SUPER and were experiencing the fantastic benefits.

Cut to May 2019, while we’ve just completed our hugely successful Match Day Mania campaign, the evolution of Swiggy SUPER has been nothing short of well, superb. SUPER is now available to consumers across 98 cities, and millions of consumers have experienced SUPER till date.

SUPER users also continue to contribute to a huge chunk of Swiggy orders. One in four orders on Swiggy enjoy the benefits of SUPER. With an introductory membership offer of just Rs 49 (per month), the average SUPER user saved Rs 306 during the month of March.

Keeping with our core values, we have always been transparent about the amount of savings a customer makes thanks to Swiggy SUPER. A detailed report of the same is sent to users at the end of their plan and can also be viewed in-app.

The latest offering that Swiggy SUPER members have got to experience this time around is SUPER Specials. This cricket season, we partnered with over 15,000 restaurants to offer exclusive freebies and offers only to SUPER members. We’ve also collaborated with Times Prime to offer SUPER membership to users who subscribe to Times Prime membership.

Our restaurant partners too have experienced incremental growth and an increase in their base of loyal customers. For every rupee invested additionally on offers, restaurant partners saw a 3x jump in business.

Stay tuned for more updates, the future for Swiggy Super looks super exciting to say the least!

P.S: Still not a Super member? Download the app and sign up for Super today!

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