Swiggy For OnePlus5T!


What would you do to own a brand new, fabulous OnePlus 5T device? You’d do everything it takes! That’s what our beloved social media patrons did last week when we ran a super fun Boomerang contest – they sent in their quirkiest, best boomerang with their favourite food to try their hand at winning a OnePlus 5T device.

2 winners had us completely in splits with their hilarious entries.

Here’s our winner from Twitter, Bibin Alexander:

And here’s our winner from Instagram, Roma Chhabria:


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Of course, nothing beats true sportsmanship! Here are some really cool entries from our other participants.

Here are some memorable, quirky and goofy entries from our Twitter community members!



Thought we were done? Of course not!

How could we miss out on these awesome entries from our Instagram community?


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Talk about being spoiled for choice! These entries left us all at Swiggy with smiles and made it a very difficult job for us to choose the reigning entries. Congratulations to everyone who won and for those who didn’t, there is always a next time. Until then, keeping Swiggying in your favourite food!

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