Here’s What Happens Behind The Scenes When You Place An Order On Swiggy


Ever wondered what happens when you place your order on Swiggy? Allow us to give you an inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes while you’re waiting to get your hands on your favourite food.


  1. You: The foodie
  2. The Swiggy app: The one you use to place your order
  3. The Restaurant: The one who prepares your favourite meal
  4. The Hunger Savior: The one who delivers your order
  5. The Swiggy team: The one who oversees all the details of your order

Did you know? A Swiggy order takes approximately 35 minutes* to be delivered.


Search, discover, order!

You’re hungry. What do you do? Fire up the Swiggy app and search for restaurants near you, of course.

Once you’ve decided what you want to eat, you select the dishes, pay and voila! Your order is placed.

Behind the scenes…

As soon as you’ve placed your order, the wheels are set into motion.

The restaurant is notified on Swiggy Restaurant Partner app that you have placed an order. Simultaneously, the Hunger Saviors closest to both the restaurant and the customer are determined via an algorithm and notified.

The selected Hunger Saviors are notified that there’s an order waiting to be picked up.

5 minutes after you order…

The chefs at the Restaurant are checking out their ingredients. Meanwhile, a Hunger Savior is being chosen.

Behind the scenes…

From all the notified Hunger Saviors, the first one to accept your order on the Hunger Savior app is assigned and given directions to get to the restaurant.

In the meanwhile, the restaurant checks if they can prepare your order. In case they’re running low on a secret sauce or have completely sold out a popular dish you ordered, they inform the Swiggy team, who in turn gets in touch with you to select another dish.

Once you’ve selected your final order and the restaurant has confirmed the order, the cooking begins!

Did you know? If a restaurant or Hunger Savior doesn’t accept an order within 3 minutes, the Swiggy team gets in touch with them for immediate confirmation.


15 minutes after you order…

Your order is almost ready. The Hunger Savior is closing in on the target Restaurant.. Any minute now.

Behind the scenes…

Wondering where your order is? You’ve got so many ways to find out.

Your order’s being tracked every second and is visible to you on the Swiggy app. If that isn’t enough, you can call the Hunger Savior assigned to your order or chat with a dedicated Customer Care Executive on Swiggy’s help section. Rest assured, your food is never out of reach.

And finally, after battling all odds, your Hunger Savior has reached the restaurant to pick up your order. Hurray!

Did you know? Around 86% of all Swiggy orders are ready to be picked up within 25 minutes of it being placed!


25 minutes after you order…

Yay! Your order has been picked up from the restaurant. Tasty food is on its way to you.

Behind the scenes…

After adding the finishing touches, the restaurant packs your order and hands it over to the assigned Hunger Savior.

The Hunger Savior is now given directions so he can navigate to your destination to deliver your order. The food has left the building!


35 minutes after you order…

Are you on the edge of your seat? The nail-biting excitement is almost at its peak….

Behind the scenes…

It’s no easy feat to execute a flawless delivery.

To deliver your order on time, your Hunger Savior not only has to navigate his way through your neighbourhood but also dodge potholes, tackle the traffic and answer calls. Phew!

And if you want to tune in to the action, it’s right there on your phone – all you have to do is open up the Swiggy app to track your order making its way to you.

Did you know? Every Hunger Savior is equipped with a temperature and topple-proof compartmentalized bag to ensure your food is hot (or cold) and fresh. Plus, no spills!


Your food, delivered


Who’s there?

Hunger Savior!

Hunger Savior who?

Hunger Savior, with your food!

Behind the scenes…

From the point where you select your order till it’s in your hands, we track your order at every step and overcome all the hurdles along the way.

Whether there are unexpected delays or weather playing havoc, if you want food, Swiggy always finds a way to deliver it to you.

Happy Swiggying!

*Trends derived from Swiggy data


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