What Is Swiggy POP? We Answer All Your Questions About This New Feature That Will Make Your Life A LOT Easier.


Adulting is difficult. But you know what’s worse? Ordering a full meal for only one person! You’d think by now, ordering for one would be easy, right? WRONG.

ACTually, you’re not wrong anymore, thanks to POP, a brainchild of the Swiggy team born in the latter half of 2017. And what’s POP all about? Let us show you.


What is Swiggy POP, exactly?

Glad you asked! POP is a daily-changing curated menu of meals from top restaurants of your area, designed to be consumed by one person and priced anywhere from Rs.99 to Rs.200 only.

The best part? There are no delivery charges on any POP meal!


Free delivery for POP meals?!

Yes, that’s right! When you order a POP meal, the price you see on the menu is all you need to pay, and the delivery is completely on Swiggy. What you see is what you pay!


How are POP meals created?

Based on consumer demand and ordering patterns, over 20,000 unique meals were created to be served in select areas across the country. These meals come in all varieties – everything from a biryani with raita & kebabs to a bowl of Thai curry with rice and a cold drink in tow!

What’s more, POP meals come from an array of your favourite local & national eateries like Bundar & Taco Bell in Bengaluru, Hotel Saravana Bhavan in Chennai, Rajdhani in Delhi, Paradise Biryani & Pista House in Hyderabad, Wow! Momos & Rang De Basanti in Kolkata, Burger King & Punjabi Tadka in Mumbai and Chaitanya Parathas in Pune.

Wow! Anything more I need to know?

You already know that POP is convenient, full of variety and affordable. But what makes it even better is that you can place a POP order in a blink of an eye! This is probably the closest to a quick-fix that you’ll experience, we’re sure.

Let’s leave you with this TL;DR version: POP is a feeling – you can’t describe it in words, but you can experience it. Get yourself on to Swiggy & experience POP now! Download the app here.

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