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Pune, Can You Resist These 5 Dishes Being Served At The Swiggy Food Carnival?

Let’s take your love of food to an all-new high this February.

From 21st to 28th February, the Swiggy Food Carnival brings to you the best discounts up to 50% offered by 320+ restaurants in Pune.

From biryani to desserts, there’s so much to delight your taste buds with at the Swiggy Food Carnival. To explore & order from restaurants participating in Swiggy Food Carnival, fire up the Swiggy app & look at the discount offered by each restaurant below its name.

Here’s what you’re missing out on if you’re not already ordering in from the Swiggy Food Carnival.

1. Chicken Tikka Wrap from Eatsome

A wrap overflowing with juicy Chicken tikka in classic Indian style, this wrap from Eatsome is a definite must-have.

2. Chicken & Egg Problem Burger from RushHrs

You’ll have no problem with adding this grilled chicken & egg combo burger from RushHrs on your list of burgers to experiment!

3. Tandoori Paneer Regular Pizza from Smokin’ Joe’s

If there’s one thing you need to eat this week, it’s a slice from this cheesy, tandoori-flavored pizza from Smokin’ Joe’s. You are welcome!

4. Barn Crunchy Chicken Burger from The Burger Barn Cafe

Can you resist this crumb-filled chicken-pattied burger from The Burger Barn Cafe? We doubt it, which is why it’s on this list!

5. Punjabi Thali from Chaitanya Paranthas

Craving a traditional Indian thali? Look no further than this thali offering from Chaitanya Parathas that will delight you with its nostalgic North Indian flavors!

Curious to know what other delicacies are being served up in your area this Swiggy Food Carnival? Fire up the Swiggy app to find out now!

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