10 Best Meals in Bengaluru under Rs. 250

If you were a student in Bengaluru, in addition to staunchly refusing to call the city anything but Bangalore, you’re probably familiar with most of these names. These eateries, over time, have attained legendary status among the urban youth as their go-to for quick, delicious and inexpensive meals.

1) Khawa Karpo

…is a name familiar with any long time patron of Koramangala. Famous for their momos, thukpa and chilli potato(among the vegetarians), one can eat what seems like an endless quantity of food and still be pleasantly surprised at the bill, which under normal circumstances will fall on the brighter side of the Rs. 250 mark.


2) Khazana Food Paradise

This well hidden hole in the wall is located on one of the tiny bylanes of Richmond Town. Known by regulars simply as ‘Khazana’, this restaurant has notoriously famous beef biryani. An added plus is their consistency in flavour: the biryani adheres to a strict code of being scrumptious and there has never been a lapse in quality over time.


3) Taste of Tibet

Tucked away on the top floor of Indo Dubai Plaza on Rest House Road lies ‘The Taste of Tibet’. As the name suggests, they specialize in food typical of the region. The momos served here are rather well loved and several customers visit only to clean out a few plates between themselves and for nothing else. If you’re spending time on brigade road on a budget, look no further, this is the place for you.


4) Sardarji Ka Dhaba

On the crowded Hosur Road, before the start of the elevated expressway to Electronics City, lies this gem of a dhaba. Although dhabas are ubiquitous along this particular stretch of road, Sardarji’s stands out since it gives diners the closest possible experience to Punjabi food one can find this far south at a price that allows for everyday dining. Warning: Excessive levels of butter imminent.


5) Komala Refreshments

Residents of Frazer town know this old-fashioned South Indian diner as the ultimate weekend breakfast joint. The benne masala dosas are so immensely popular that one has to wait for a probable 30 minutes for a table during the weekends. The rush makes eating here a hurried affair. However, it doesn’t take away from the impeccability of their fare.

Benne Masala Dosa

6) Indian Coffee House

If I got to name one place across Bangalore… argh, Bengaluru that stirs wistful feelings out of an otherwise pragmatic demeanour, it is this. One can spend hours drinking unhealthy amounts of wonderful filter coffee while snacking on crisp vadas. If you max out your Rs. 250 budget, rest assured that you will leave Indian Coffee House twitching from a caffeine overdose.


7) Al-Amanah Cafe

One of the very few places in the city that serve Middle-Eastern cuisine (at a price that won’t make you cringe) is Al-Amanah Cafe in Kammanahalli. Enough substance goes into each roll for one of them to count as a meal in itself. The Chicken Kudu is one of the more popular combinations, as is the Falafel Roll, its vegetarian counterpart.


8) Chakum Chukum

If you’re on your way home from a night on town and need a place to eat, get in line at ‘Chakum’. It’s been said that the most authentic Calcutta rolls are found here. A reputation of that sort doesn’t appear out of nowhere. The Malav Roll is the special, in-house king-sized meal in a roll and is definitely worth trying, even if you have a small appetite.


9) Sandwich N Chai

Nestled deep in the heart of Koramangala, this little sandwich shop is big on the VFM factor. Everything on the menu is worth a shot, simply because it’s so well priced and satisfaction is guaranteed, virtually every time.

SandWich n Chai

10) Taaza Thindi

Of the innumerable, yet equally special vegetarian food outlets across Jayanagar, Taaza Thindi stands out because they deliver top notch South Indian food at unimaginably low prices. A masala dosa will cost you less than Rs. 30, leaving you wondering how this restaurant makes its money. Some questions are best left unanswered. Why ponder unnecessarily when you can eat (for 30 bucks) instead?

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