10 Legendary Places To Eat In Hyderabad!


If you know Hyderabad, you’ll know that it’s regional delicacies is more than just biryani! Right from legendary milkshakes, irresistible desserts, shawarma, sandwiches, Andhra meals and mughlai kebabs –  Hyderabad is just the place to be for a whole lot of foodie fun!

Here are our top ten picks for you :)

  1. Bawarchi


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If legendary biryanis are what you’re hunting for, you should stop over at Bawarchi for a taste of Hyderabad. For a double whammy experience, order their grilled chicken too and you’ll know what heaven feels like.

2. Paradise 


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When one talks of Paradise, everybody’s mind goes to the biryani. Apart from the biryani, we suggest that you also try their legendary mutton seekh kebab! It’s so drool worthy, you’ll thank us.


  1.  Cafe Bahar


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We know we said that Hyderabad is more than just biryani BUT you should know that the biryani is on point at Cafe Bahar. Their kalmi kebab and garlic chicken kebab is so good, you’ll never want to eat them anywhere else.

  1. Kritunga


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When you’re craving for snacks to binge on, you deserve the best. Kritunga serves up hot kaju pakora, mutton keema balls fried to perfection, garlic fish fry, poori mutton and chicken dosa!

  1. Karachi Bakery


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Salty cookies, tutti-frutti cookies, almond cookies – you name it, they’ve got it! Karachi Bakery has the widest range of freshly baked goods that will definitely make you feel better after a bad day.

  1. Minerva


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If it’s a big breakfast that you crave for, look no further than the classic Minerva/Fox hotel.This classic breakfast place has delicious paneer butter masala and vegetable manchurian. So all you veggies, you know where to head for your next brunch :)

  1. Kakatiya Mess


Picture courtesy: Foodaholix

They say Andhra meals don’t get more authentic than they do here in Kakatiya Mess! Feast on their fiery gun powder, ghee doused dal and rasam. If you’re the adventurous type, be sure to give their Andhra prawn biryani a try. It’ll rev up the spice notes!

  1. The Grand Hotel


Picture courtesy: Yummy Tummy 

Don’t miss the Grand Hotel’s delicious array of kebabs! Their malai murgh kebab is simply out of the world and is sure to put a smile on your face.

9.  Sarvi


Picture courtesy: Kebab house

Iranian delicacies are big in Sarvi for folks wanting to try out something different. Sarvi serves up excellent cheelo kebabs, Irani tandoori chicken and a host of other Indian kebabs as well.

10. Taj Mahal


Image courtesy: Veg recipes of India

There’s no short of variety at Taj Mahal, if breakfast is what you’re looking for. Particularly dosas. Right from roast salad dosa, masala dosa, paneer dosa and pesarettu – Taj Mahal is the place to cure a hangover over breakfast.

If you’re craving food from all these legendary places at the comfort of your home, head to the Swiggy app and we’ll deliver it to you only if you share the paan with us. Just kidding (although it would be nice of you to do so).


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