10 Best Mumbai Restaurants To Eat From Once In This Lifetime

Foodies in Mumbai, this is it. Even though you have so many options to try, there’s some food that just can’t be skipped. We got to thinking about such food, and we think these legendary outlets deserve a one-time try. Go on, get your food fix from these 10 best Mumbai restaurants now!

1. Arya Bhavan


Image courtesy: Mumbai Magic

Head to Arya Bhavan to taste the mad medley of deliciousness in their spring onion dosa. The dosa is stuffed with stir fried cabbage, spring onions and sprouts. It is then generously given a dose of shredded cheese and comes served with the usual sambar and two sides of coconut and tomato chutney. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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2. Leopold Cafe


Image courtesy: Food Network 

Leopold Cafe‘s special bow-tie creamy pasta served with chicken for meat lovers and sauteed veggies for vegetarians is a delight. This special pasta is served with the cheesiest garlic bread in the world, give it a shot when around Colaba.

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3. Bachelorr’s


Picture courtesy: Imgrum

Once you get through the beaded crowds, standing right opposite Chowpatty is the world’s best Classic Chocolate Milkshake. Bachelorr’s will certainly make you feel like god put a smile on your face ;)

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4. Guru Kripa


Image courtesy: Flickr 

Even the staunchest meat eater will be surprised as to how good vegetarian snacks can taste at Guru Kripa. Gorge on their simple yet fabulous samosa chaat.

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5. Gaylord


Image courtesy: Gaylord

Revel in the goodness of old school charm at Gaylord. Their Rogan Josh, cooked in traditional Kashmiri spices and yoghurt, is a definite stand-out and  you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

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6. Theobroma


Image courtesy: Theobroma

You’d have to be crazy to miss out on Theobroma‘s Overload Brownie. This endless chocolate affair will elevate your spiritual levels.

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7. Carter’s Express


Image courtesy: Flickr

Experience the magic of authentic Arabic shawarmas at Carter’s Express. It’s so tasty, you’ll be spoilt for life!

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8. Shiv Sagar


Image courtesy: TripAdvisor

You can’t not eat a hot plate of Shiv Sagar‘s Pav Bhaji while in Mumbai. Their warm pav buns are doused with butter, served up with delicious aloo bhaji and lime glazed onions. How heavenly does that sound?

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9. Persian Darbaar


Image courtesy: Wicked Spoon Confessions

If Mughlai cuisine is what you seek, look no further than Persian Darbaar. The Raan Biryani served at Persian Darbaar is the perfect balance between spice, meat and rice.

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10. Amar Juice Centre


Image courtesy: Indu Gets Cooking!

One of the legendary food haunts in Mumbai, Amar Juice Centre serves up a mean tava-pulao that’ll make you forget all your worries. Be sure to get your share!

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