12 Must-try Pure Veg restaurants in Pune!


Festive seasons always bring about different food cravings. For veggie lovers (and meat lovers who are looking to be impressed by vegetarian food) this is a great time to indulge those cravings in the choicest of options!

Not sure where to begin? Here are 12 pure Veg restaurants in Pune which you have to try out!

1. Shree Krishna: If you have a wild appetite for spice, then Shree Krishna’s authentic Kolhapuri/Maharashtrian food is sure to blow your vegetarian palette away! We recommend the Shamsavera and the lip smacking Chaach while you’re here. This place is sure to impress hard core meat eaters with the famous veg Kolhapuri, paneer chilli and malai kofta. ‘Nuff said, go give Shree Krishna a shot!

2. Supriya: Revel in the old school charm of Udupi cuisine at Supriya. Dip their melt-in-the-mouth beetroot cutlet into a variety of delicious dips, crunch into their special rava masala dosa which is served with traditional Udupi style sambar and coconut chutney. For those who want to discover the magic of North Karnataka cuisine, Supriya is right up their alley!

3. Vaishali: Stationed in F.C. Road, Vaishali is a popular south Indian snack joint. For dosa lovers, Vaishali offers its famous special Mysore masala dosa which is slathered in butter and cashews. They also serve local favourites like the ever gold dahi puri and sabudhana vada. If you’re around F.C. Road, make sure you don’t miss this!

4. Amrita Pure Veg: Very few restaurants maintain their legacy of delicious food, Amrita is one of those places that never disappoints! Their cheese & peas pulav is the stuff that every veggie dreams about. Another noteworthy dish is their veg Maratha which is quite spicy. Sounds like something we wouldn’t miss!

5. Wadeshwar: If you’re looking for a quick snack around F.C. Road, Wadeshwar is THE place. Delve in their yummy molagapodi idlis. For the uninitiated, molagapodi idlis are mini idlis that have been tossed in ghee and served up in a spicy chutney powder which is a staple from the south of India. Other fried delicacies include the kothimbir wadi, a lip smacking coriander fritter and sweet crunchy corn patties!

6. Shiv Sagar : Don’t miss this famous joint located at JM Road, their famous idli chilli fry, pav bhaji and mutter paneer are to die for!

7. Horn OK Please: This place is pure heaven for veggies! If you’re a paneer lover, their Makhmali Paneer Tikka which stays true to its creamy title will leave you wanting for more. A good dish to round off your dinner would be their famous Mutter Makai Do Pyaza!

8. Naivedyam: An open air affair that serves up the best of North Indian and Chinese street food without the hassles of dealing with noisy streets. We recommend their special pav bhaji, hakka noodles and gadbad ice cream!

9. Dravida’s Bistro: What makes Dravida’s Bistro special is that you can eat your dosa without worrying about your health. You can customise your own dosa with recommended add-on toppings that they offer. If you’re feeling extra needy, you can always indulge in their Clay Pot Biryani and finish up with an organic hibiscus soda.

10. Ganesh Bhel: Spread across the city, this chain of restaurants is known for its unique paneer tikka grill and chocolate sandwich. For chaat lovers, their special bhel is a dish that people flock to eat!

11. Chaitanyas Paratha: The best of Italian and Indian in a paratha! You read that right. This place is famous for its cheese corn paratha and Italian paratha which is basically paratha in the shape of a pizza. A good reason to experiment!

There you go, a curated great list for veg food lovers. We’d love to hear about your experience about the food from these places. Tell us in the comments below!


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