5 Classic Mix and Match Combos

‘Variety is the essence of life’

This phrase has an almost clichéd status now – well it didn’t attain cliché nirvana by sheer coincidence. It has been thrown around freely, and with good reason: the logic holds good and can be applied almost universally.

This universal novelty of variety applies to food as well. Different dishes can be mixed and matched to produce some lip-smacking combinations. Two dishes that are each delicious in their own right, when blended together can create magic. Jalebi and milk, for instance, is a very popular breakfast pairing during the North Indian winters. Here, we have a few combinations that we highly recommend. Designed to be perfect combinations, these pairings are tailored to greatly enhance your eating experience.

1. Momos, Chicken, Garlic Kebab Roll and Mint Lime Soda

momosMomos are often just eaten on their own and in varying levels of excess, depending on one’s hunger. The distinctively flavoured Garlic Kebab Roll complements the momos perfectly and with a mint lime soda to take the edge off, it gives the quick snack a fitting ending.

2. Biryani, Chicken 65, Soft Drinks and Gulab Jamuns


Based on sheer popularity, biryani is India’s favourite food. It is everyone’s go-to cheat meal. Throw in a raita and the zesty Chicken 65, and Voila! you’re bang in the middle of Cheat Heaven. And with a raspy, fizzy soft drink to supplement the aftertaste of the strong flavours, your day in Cheat Heaven is set. To seal this marriage, some delectable Gulab Jamuns are the perfect accompaniment.

3. Pasta, Cheesy Garlic Bread and an Oreo Shake

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Pastas are almost always served with a side of garlic bread. However, to open up a new dimension in flavour reach out for some garlic bread topped with cheese. The garlic-tinged cheese bread complements the rich pasta perfectly, creating an inimitable goodness in your meal. And with some endearing goodness in hand, can a thick, creamy milkshake be far behind? Pick an Oreo Shake, or a similarly rich variant to conclude this delightfully rich meal.

 4. Masala Dosa, Sambhar/Dahi Vada, Kesari Bath and Filter Coffee

Dosa (1)
Having a good breakfast can set the mood for the rest of the day. South Indian cuisine is rife with great breakfast options and with the rich variety on offer, there is ample avenue to construct some great dish sequences. Start off with the eternal South Indian favourite, the feel-good butter masala dosa and follow it up with Vadas drowned in piping hot sambhar. If you are not a big fan of sambhar, the tangy dahi vada is a great alternative to take the edge off. To follow up the savoury dishes, a small portion of kesari bath is a little bowlful of joy. Call it a meal with the classic filter coffee to spruce your morning up.

5. Shawarma, Grilled Chicken and Pulpy Grape Juice

Shawarma (1)

Shawarma is a popular evening snack for many. The shawarma experience can be enhanced with the addition of a heavy chicken dish on the side. Grilled chicken or al-faham can turn the lone shawarma into a meal. The sweet-sour pulpy grape juice is a great contrast between the shawarma and the charcoal-grilled Al-Faham chicken.

What we choose to eat eventually boils down to our quirks and preferences. There are some who will pick tikka over kabab, and others who will pick ghee rice over roti – and for no particular reason too. Food in itself is a wonderful experience, and it can be made even more wholesome with clever pairings and complementary flavours.

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