8 Places in Bangalore to Enjoy Christmas Specials this Year!

We love this country. Most of the time, for reasons that we can’t count off the top of our heads. India wins hearts because of the fact that we have so many festivals that we’ll celebrate without biases, politics or personal inclinations coming in the way of the fun.

The last couple of weeks of the year are exciting for everyone. Kids get to not go to school and adults are able to drink and eat unjustifiable amounts of food and liquor, justifiably. How to make a good party great? Eliminate the element of guilt and you’re in for a ball. It’s Christmas and we’ve done our research on the places you should visit for your annual week of hedonism in the city of Bangalore.

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  1. Portland Steakhouse & Café
    Soaking up alcohol after a night as important as Christmas Eve is necessary unless you’re one of those remarkable few who can get out of bed without the slightest complaint, after having knocked back a few drinks. Given the occasion, why settle for less? For lunch, over to Portland for their gorgeous spread of specially prepared Christmas fare. They’ve gone all out in providing a feast by including even a turkey and stuffing on the menu.
  2. Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse
    It would be silly if all the celebrations ended on the eve of the actual festival. Here’s the ideal way to get started in Bangalore. Don’t mind the distance, because travelling on Christmas morning is delightful, because traffic is light. Most people, unlike you, will still be sleeping off the previous night. Connie’s is a favourite among meat lovers for their generous portions, consistency and friendly staff and their Christmas Breakfast is a complete knockout that’s worth waking up early for.
  3. De Ja Vu Resto Bar
    If celebrating the Christmas season with Christmas food is too mainstream for you, despair not. De Ja Vu Resto Bar on Bannerghatta Road has just the thing for you. All through the holiday period, they’re running specials including a brand new menu and live counter, with an optional addition of unlimited spirits and beer? Merry Christmas? You bet.
  4. Lock, Stock & Barrel
    If you live in North Bangalore and are weary of travelling on a potentially hungover Friday morning, this is the one for you. Lock, Stock & Barrel in Nagavara is hosting a brunch with an expansive menu, drinks, of course and even a live band to keep that Christmas spirit running like Santa’s Reindeer on steroids. Don’t let the holiday end with the night and make sure you visit, if you’re from that side of town.
  5. The Biere Club
    What’s that? Cold beer in Bangalore’s winter sun? Yes. Freshly brewed craft beer from Biere Club on Christmas Day in Bangalore’s winter sun? A resounding yes, from all of here exhibiting a rare level of agreement and accord, thanks to The Biere Club’s reputation. The place needs no introduction, nor is any reassurance needed when talking about their food or beer. Just you go there. Do it.
  6. Marzipan
    We Indians love variety, don’t we? Just look around you, it’s everywhere. On that note, if a brunch or big breakfast isn’t really your thing, we propose this tasty alternative. Head over to Marzipan in Ulsoor, spend your day munching on sugary Christmas treats. There’s even a gingerbread house available to pre-order. Spend the day soaking it all in. Not the sugar, the Christmas.
  7. Muffets and Tuffets
    CAKE! We repeat, CAKE! All kinds of cake. At the end of the year, excuses to lustily put away tons of dessert are unnecessary. If you’re reading and craving for white chocolate, plum cake, rum balls and the like, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. This is the place for you. Go crazy.
  8. 100 Ft Boutique Bar Restaurant
    “It is now Christmas and not a cup of drink must pass without a carol”. With a statement like that, they mean serious business. They have a traditional five course Christmas meal on the cards, on several days until the 26th of December. Even if you’re a day late, make sure you get in on the action.

Merry Christmas!
Team Swiggy

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