9 Dishes That You Can Eat During Navratri



It’s that time of the year again! Navratri, the nine-night festive celebration is just around the corner which means we have more excuses to eat and stay up all night to dance the calories away. How do you enjoy a festival that has limited choices for someone who’s following the Navratri fast, you ask? Allow us to introduce you to some treats that will leave you wondering why you haven’t eaten these before!

    1. Sabhudana/Tapioca Pearl tikkis with toasted pav

The original MVP of Navratri, enjoy your sabhudana tikki with two slices of toasted pav, sprinkle some spicy peanut masala and rock-salted fried green chillies for the extra zing! Perfect for a quick snack in the evening.

    2. Pumpkin halwa

Doused in the goodness of ghee and nuts, this grated pumpkin halwa can have you melting from the insides faster than you can say “yum”. A quick energizer before you hit the dandiya dance floor!

    3. Banana fries

You’ll never want to reach out to a potato again. Raw bananas make for the best fries. Ever. Add some toasted chilli flakes and a dusting of pepper to spice up your banana fries. If you’re looking for a solution to that 3 PM hunger alert, this is where you say thank you.

    4. Dry fruit and nut milkshake

Ring in the Navratri festivities with a yummy fig and almond milkshake. With the goodness of fresh cream and honey, this dry fruit and nut milkshake is a great way to get your day started!

     5. Kokum juice popsicle

A popular refreshment from the Konkan regions, this juice can double up to serve your popsicle craving. Just add a cup of condensed milk to your kokum juice, mix well and freeze them in moulds. You have a midnight snack at your disposal!

     6. Fruit salad

A simple fruit salad is always a winner during Navratri. It can be boring for many of us, but a generous serving of whipped cream or ice cream and a sprinkling of toasted walnuts or almonds can make the fruit salad more inviting!

    7. Boondi raitha

You can never go wrong with this combination because everybody loves boondi! A quick mix of boondi, yoghurt and chat masala can brighten up even the most boring meals.

   8. Fried Paneer

If there was ever an ingredient that could be named the hero, it would be paneer. Cubes of cloudy white paneer fried in white butter and coated with chat masala, chilli powder and a touch of salt.

   9. Coconut barfi

These melt in your mouth treats are so good, they’ll leave you wanting for more. Blend condensed milk and coconut milk together, sprinkle toasted shredded coconut and freeze till set!

Navratri’s all about sticking to a delicate and healthy vegetarian diet while enjoying late night dandiya dance sessions! If you’re having trouble making or following your Navratri diet, you can always fire up the Swiggy app and find something that fits your Navratri mood!

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