And The Food Oscar Goes To…

Given our choice of occupation, it’s safe to assume that a majority of the employees of Swiggy are foodies. Thus, conventional work related conversations frequently take the gastric tangent. When there are this many dedicated foodies, passions can get fierce. A trivial argument between two members of different departments here eventually led to this heated debate: What is the favourite food of the people? Before they decided to take outside and settle it like men, there was a professional intervention. This matter had to be settled and it was easiest to ask the people themselves.
So, we broke it down into several categories and conducted an internal survey here, at Swiggy. We recorded a total of 457 entries. This is how it played out.
1) Best Dish Non Veg – Biryani

Food Oscars-01

2) Best Dessert – Ice Cream

Food Oscars-02

3) Best Dish Veg – Paneer Butter Masala

Food Oscars-03

4) Best Beverage – Milkshake

Food Oscars-04

5) Best Veg Dish In A Supporting Role – Fries

Food Oscars-05

6) Best Non Veg In A Supporting Role – Kababs

Food Oscars-06

7) Best Continental Dish – Pasta

Food Oscars-07

8) Best Looker – Pizza

Food Oscars-08

9) Best Snack Food – Bhel Puri

Food Oscars-09 (1)

10) Best Combos Non Veg – Ghee Rice and Kabab


11) Best Combo Veg – Aloo Paratha and Lassi


Here’s what the people chose! Despite the lengths that we went to settle our little fiasco, we’re glad we know. Of course, there isn’t a control group consisting of non-foodies for us to measure against, but this will have to do for the time being. Next time, we’ll probably ask you.

And if you are craving these favourites, head to the Swiggy App, turn on location and pick yours!

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