The Weekend Grub Guide – Kolkata Edition

If you’re heading to Kolkata for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, we’ve made this nifty guide just for you.

We understand the importance of food in helping you sustain yourself through the weekend, so here’s your grub guide to the must eats and late night munchies around the city – that aren’t heavy on the wallet.

Swiggy helps you map out your bite-inerary with The Weekend Grub Guide to Kolkata.

The Jewels of Kolkata

You’ll need to chart this out because Kolkata is loaded to the gills with amazing dishes, the likes of which your palate has probably never encountered before.

NH7 2

Whether it’s Chello Kebabs (Photo on the right) in Peter Cat, or Pizza at Raj Spanish Café – you know you’ll get a dish fit for the Gods.

A Bite of Kolkata – A list of Must Haves
You thought regular rossogollas were great? Wait till you have the baked rosogollas at Balaram Mullick on Paddapukur Road. Say that out loud: Baked Rosogollas.

If a place has been around for almost a century, you know they’re getting it right. Flury’s is known far and wide for its exotic cakes, rich puddings and Swiss Chocolates; but our favorite is the English Breakfast.

Nh7 4

No guide to Kolkata is complete without a generous mention of puchkas. It took us a while to figure this one out, thanks to the vast variety one can get in Kolkata. However, we seem to have our ducks in a row. We found our winner at Lake Kalibaadi. Besides the best tasting puchkas you’ll ever have, Lake Kalibaadi has a huge array of street food, some of which are indubitably the most delicious things we’ve eaten.

Who doesn’t like a good Biryani? It’s the perfect comfort food. We found our favorites in Shiraz and Arsalan.

We also encountered an unconventional beverage: Doodh Pepsi – a milkshake that has Pepsi in it. That might sound unconventional, but you can take our word for it; Doodh Pepsi is a must-try.

Rolls are our go-to for a quick meal after a long day of, well… anything. They’re quick, easy and affordable. For rolls, Zeeshan is a top pick for us.

Chops were a staple for a big part of any 90’s kid’s life and Mitra Cafe sure knows how to roll out a delicious plate of chops, packed with flavor!

We know you need a mean Sherbat to wash down all the gastro-debauchery! Paramount Sherbats & Syrup is your one-stop shop for the best Sherbats

The Hangover Breakfast

The most crucial meal of your day, after a night of revelry, breakfast is when you fuel up and get ready for another exciting day at the NH7 Weekender.

In order to make a fully successful recovery, you don’t want just any breakfast, you want a breakfast of champions. From us to you, here’s a list of our favorite breakfasts in Kolkata.

New NHSwiggy’s Guide to the ultimate Breakfast of Champions:

  • Blue Sky Cafe at Sudder Street
  • Sharma Tea or Balwant Singh Dhaba at Bhowanipore
  • Wise Owl Cafe in Hindustan Park
  • Homely Raj near Jatin Das Park
  • Biker’s Cafe at Elgin Road (Photo on top) 
  • Edesia at Minto Park

The AfterBite

We urge you to not feel guilty when after a day of dancing and raoming the festival grounds at The Weekender, your munchies start kicking in. Your cravings overpower your thought process and you want to eat everything, anything in your immediate vicinity. Food, during these trying times, is always a sight for sore eyes. Here’s a list of where to procure some soul satisfying midnight grub:

Our pick of the perfect Late Night Eats in Kolkata:

  • Balwant Singh Dhaba
  • Jai Hind Dhaba , Sarat Bose Road
  • Pin Punjabi Dhaba, Salt Lake

​Have a fabulous Weekend(er), folks!​

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