Top 6 Budget Friendly Places in Kolkata That You Shouldn’t Miss!


Cutting back on cab rides and window shopping at the bakery in the corner of the street, we totally get it – the perils everyone faces when they’re broke! That’s why we’re giving you 6 budget-friendly favourites in Kolkata to help you fight those cravings while going easy on your wallet.

Here they are:

1. Bon Appetit


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2. Denzong

People rave about how this place is to die for and we can’t agree more. Apart from their sizzling pan fried cheese momos and fried momos in garlic sauce, their chicken shya fhaley and gravy noodles are also heavenly. Definitely a delicious bet for your wallet and your tummy!


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3. Chai Break

If excellent pasta and chilli cheese toast are what your heart desires then Chai Break is sure to make you happy. They also make a killer four cheese pizza. Make note cheese lovers – this dish is definitely for you.


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4. Foodpath

Coffee lovers, you can rejoice! Foodpath has the famous Chill-O-Coffee, aromatic coffee made with three scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream. Do we have your interest? You’ll also be pleased to know that they serve a mean meat lover’s pizza.


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5. Momo I  Am

The name suggests that it is a momo place, but it is actually a treasure trove of Asian snacks. Apart from serving momos they have delicious pork baos, tempura battered fish, ninja fries and more!


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6. The Tea Trove

If sweet somethings are all you crave, look nowhere beyond The Tea Trove! Slurp on their tiramisu gelato and go mad over their watermelon mint ice cream. This place is sure to brighten up even the dullest of days.


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So guys, even if you can’t go to these places don’t sweat it. Quickly shoot up the Swiggy app, place orders from any of these places and we’ll have it delivered lightning fast to you.


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