Got Pan Asian Food On Your Mind? Try These 7 Places In Kolkata!


Does your heart yearn for delicate momos, picture perfect ramen and exquisitely crafted sushi rolls? Say no more, we are bringing to you the best of Pan-Asian places that you simply must check out if you’re in Kolkata.


1. Kimli

If Indo-Chinese food is your soul, Kimli satisfies your cravings! Don’t miss out on their mixed Hakka noodles – it’s a medley of flavours tossed with a mix of in-house fried meats and veggies. The perfect cure for a tiresome day.

Order here from Kimli!


2. Hungry Tide

Looking to gorge on some delicious Japanese style teriyaki? Check out the delicious fare at Hungry Tide and be sure to give their perfectly grilled teriyaki pork and chilli pork a shot. Also give their mixed paella a shot. It’s a medley of flavours waiting to impress you. Perfect for a night in with your favourite TV show!

Order here from Hungry Tide!


3. Chopstick

Sometimes, all you desire is a simple veggie meal. What could possibly get more wholesome than the veg fried rice? Loaded with crunchy, pan fried veggies in an aromatic short grain rice – Chopstick’s veggie fried rice is sure to hit the sweet spot when it comes to comfort food. Team it up with their veg manchurian gravy and you have a winner!

Order here from Chopstick!


4. Momo I Am

Has the momo lover in you given up on finding the best momos in town? Fret not, simply relaxx in the comfort of your bean bag and order in from Momo I Am. They have a selection of momos for every kind of momo lover – delectable pan fried veggie momos for the veggie lovers, chicken and pork momos for the meat lovers!

Order here from Momo I Am!


5. Wow Momo

Continuing on our quest for momos, we’ve found that Wow! Momo – has the perfect mix of momos tease our palettes. With a wide variety of fillings to choose from, you’ll never tire of eating momos when you’re eating at Wow! Momo. Do try their corn and cheese momos, it’s by far our favourite!

Order here from Wow! Momo.


6. Chowman

If you’re a seafood lover who has a love affair with Asian food, check out Chowman’s prawns in wok tossed hakka noodles. Accompanied with their pan fried chilli fish, you’re sure to find more reasons to love seafood!

Order here from Chowman!


7. Hao Chi

This list would be incomplete without paying a humble tribute to Hao Chi. What’s noteworthy here is the shredded chicken in cashews, that’s drenched in a lip smacking gravy. We hear that it’s best eaten with their mixed fried rice!

Order here from Hao Chi!

If you’re feeling a little lazy to head out, why don’t you just login to the Swiggy app and let us bring in these lovely dishes to the comfort of your home? After all, there’s no place like home to enjoy your favourite food at!



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