8 Friends Who Are Guaranteed To Graze On/Grace The Couch At Every T20 Party


Nothing brings people together like a good cricket match – three hours of nail-biting action, banter and food (glorious food)! And when you’re at one of these gatherings, you’re sure to bump into these 8 types of people. P.S. Which one of these is you?

1. The Host

Although they love the match, this one loves their hungry, helpless friends more! This is the one who takes everyone’s orders, places it, tracks it on the Swiggy app and serves it all so nobody misses even a single second of the action-packed hours.


2. The Die-Hard Fan / Emotional Eater

She can barely breathe during the game. But once it’s all over (and God forbid her team loses), she’ll watch highlights, read analyses, tweet slogans and shout about her agony from your rooftop, all while she’s eating.

Recommended meal: Cheer her up with a big tub of her own ice cream. She’ll love you for it.


3. Mr. Food Commentator

This one has to describe everything, EVERYthing in loud, epic detail – be it that missed wicket or that ketchup’d fry you dropped on The Host’s super-clean floor.

Recommended meal: A crunchy chicken bucket, so he’ll let food do the talking and then, stay busy licking his fingers.


4. The Scavenger

As long as the food was made after The Big Bang, it’s all edible – she’ll eat anything and everything in sight. In fact, the pizza crusts that most people avoid is a delicacy to her.

Recommended meal: Have her stay after the match, she’ll relish all the leftovers and help you clean up. Such a good soul.


5. Mr. Nail Chomper

This one just keeps chomping on his nails, chanting his plea to the gods, and when it comes true, all hell yell breaks loose!

Recommended meal: Fries and a cool drink is good for this one.


6. The ‘Game For Food’ One

He doesn’t care about the score, the team or if T20 has 5 or 50 overs (he’d rather watch football!). But, he knows this: where there’s cricket, there’s food and he’s game for it.

Recommended meal: Can someone just get him a full meal? He’s just here for the food, after all.


7. The Super(stitious) Man

His Kryptonite is the team he supports, and he’ll do anything to ensure they win the match! Yes, eating only one specific dish every match counts, ‘cause superstition.

Recommended meal: Anything that’s easy to eat whilst standing on one leg or whatever will help his team win.


8. The Not So Hungry Girl

She’ll grab a pizza slice from here, a chicken nugget from there and a gulp of iced tea from the table, only to deny it all! Beware, she may even stick around for post-match meals.

Recommended meal: You don’t have to order anything specific for her, she’ll find her food. In fact, keep her in a corner so she doesn’t eat everyone else’s food!


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