Don’t Let Budget Get In Your Way: Try These 10 Restaurants In Pune That Are Tummy-Filling & Pocket-Friendly!


Utopia, for most of us, would be one where we could have all the food we wanted, without having to pay a dime! While we await that blessed day, you can get your hunger fix without burning a hole in your pocket at these 10 pocket-friendly restaurants in Pune!

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1. Chaitanya Paranthas, Shivaji Nagar

Before you even begin to think how paranthas can satisfy your appetite, just order in from Chaitanya Paranthas and let the food do the talking (and the filling).

Must try? Veg Keema Stuffed Paratha (served with butter & dahi) at Rs.101

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Veg Keema Stuffed Paranthas, Chaitanya Paranthas - Swiggy Pune  

2. Sandwich Express, Koregaon Park

Miss the filling sandwiches from your school canteen? There’s no reason to look back because Sandwich Express does a fabulous job of delivering those classic sandwiches (lathered in their lip-smacking chutney) along with refreshing beverages!

Must try? Veg Club Grilled Sandwich at Rs.60

Order from Sandwich Express now >

Cheese Corn Mayonnaise Grilled Sandwich, Sandwich Express - Swiggy PuneCheese Corn Mayonnaise Grilled Sandwich, Sandwich Express


3. Mini Meals, Nigdi

Non-vegetarians, we’re balancing this list out for you with Mini Meals, a restaurant that serves tasty non-veg meals. Don’t worry, it isn’t the meals that are mini, but the effect it has on your wallet!

Must try? Chicken Biryani at a neat Rs.100!

Order from Mini Meals now >

Biryani, Mini Meals - Swiggy Pune | Source: Archana's KitchenMutton Dum Biryani | Image: Archana’s Kitchen


4. AADD (M) AADD (B), Kothrud

While thickshakes are all the rage these days, AADD (M) AADD (B) has been around for a long time with their rich, pocket-friendly thickshakes. We’re huge fans, and you will be, too!

Must try? AADD Almond Thick Shake at Rs.85

Order from AADD (M) AADD (B) now >

AADD Almond Thick Shake, AADD (M) AADD (B) - Swiggy Pune


5. Brota, Kothrud

Only in Pune will you find Brota, named after the stuffed bun dish conceptualized by them. Can we just take a moment to express our gratitude for Brota, that’s just perfect as a snack or a meal and super pocket-friendly? 😀

Must try? Chicken Malai Tikka Brota at Rs.135

Order from Brota now >

Chicken Malai Tikka Brota, Brota - Swiggy Pune


6. Smokin Biryani, Bavdhan

With their unique smokey flavour and totally budget-friendly biryani combos, we’ve officially fallen in love with Smokin Biryani. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Must try? Smoked Mughlai Chicken Biryani Combo, served with Chicken Ghee Roast and Egg Fry, at just Rs,150

Order from Smokin Biryani now >

Chicken Biryani Combo, Smokin Biryani - Swiggy Pune


7. Hite Bar, Camp

The combinations of burgers, rolls & shawarmas of chicken, mutton, veggies and paneer is simply mind-boggling. But that’s not even the best part! Each of these dishes is available for just Rs.100 only (approximately). You’ve got our attention, Hite Bar.

Must try? Special Chicken Burger with Cheese at Rs.110

Order from Hite Bar now >

Special Chicken Burger with Cheese, Hite Bar - Swiggy Pune


8. Yo Kakke, Viman Nagar

Make way for Yo Kakke with their purely vegetarian Punjabi delicacies (everything from tidbits to thalis!) and for their Value Meals, totally worth it at just Rs.120!

Must try? Punjabi Thali, served with 3 types of sabji, 2 rotis, dal, rice, raita, papad, salad & dessert, at just Rs.170!

Order from Yo Kakke now >

Punjabi Thali, Yo Kakke - Swiggy Pune


9. The Ganache, Kothrud

This is the cafe of our dreams: gourmet sandwiches, perfect pastas & chilled beverages from The Ganache will have you set back by so little that you’ll be amazed!

Must try? Roasted Chicken with Mayo & Jalapenos Sandwich at Rs.80

Order from The Ganache now >

Roasted Chicken with Mayo & Jalapenos Sandwich, The Ganache - Swiggy Pune


10. Sugran Swayapakghar, Wakad

To end this list, we’ve got Sugran Swayapakghar – the name’s quite a mouthful, and the food too! If affordable, home-like Maharashtrian food is your idea of a great meal, you’ve found your match.

Must try? Lunch for 2 Combo containing 2 types of sabji, 6 chapatis and pickle at Rs.120

Order from Sugran Swayapakghar now >

Lunch for 2 Combo, Sugran Swayapakghar Swiggy Pune

Whether it’s something light for you or for your wallet, Swiggy’s got it all, one tap away! Fire up the Swiggy app and check out all the restaurants near you serving anything and everything that you need. Download the app here & get Swiggying!

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