We Found Love: Here Are 8 Swiggy Users Across India Who Are In A Committed Relationship With These 8 Dishes!


Admit it, we all have a specific dish that we’re in a relationship with. Maybe it’s the comforting cheesy fries from that restaurant around the block. It could even be that cup of refreshing chai you can’t let go of because it’s been with you through thick and thin.

Curious cats that we are, we decided to look at how committed some of you were to your favourite dishes. Let’s just say, the results are totally aww-worthy! Here are 8 Swiggy users across India and their food baes that are our kind of #CoupleGoals 😉  

Food bae in Chennai: Chocolate Milkshake, The Fruit Shop On Greams Road

This Swiggy user from Chennai seems to be enamoured with the decadent Chocolate Milkshake from The Fruit Shop On Greams Road, having ordered it over 200 times in just 365 days!

Check out The Fruit Shop On Greams Road now >


Food bae in Gurgaon: Chicken Burger, Burger Hut

If there’s one dish this Swiggy user in Gurgaon needs a lot (and we mean once every 3 days in the year), it’s the Chicken Burger at Burger Hut. Makes you curious to get a bite of it yourself, doesn’t it?

Check out Burger Hut now >


Food bae in Bangalore: Hot Chocolate Fudge, Corner House

This foodie in Bangalore loves ordering in Hot Chocolate Fudge. And by love, we mean 143-times-in-a-year kind of love. Could it be any more perfect? We doubt it.

Check out Corner House now >


Food bae in Hyderabad: Paneer Gravy & Methi Thepla, Savla’s Home Food

It seems like this Swiggy user located in Hyderabad has found the daily fix for his LDR (long-distance relationship) through Savla’s Home Food’s Gujarati fare. He has ordered more than 1800 dishes, which means 5 dishes every day of the year!

Check out Savla’s Home Food now >


Food bae in Delhi: Frozen Yogurt Combo, Cocoberry

Take a cue from this Swiggy user in Delhi, who scored a perfect 100 orders of Frozen Yogurt Combo from Cocoberry. Now that’s what we call a healthy relationship! 😉

Check out Cocoberry now >


Food bae in Mumbai: Scrambled Eggs, Urban Nashta & Mockingbird Cafe Bar

These two Swiggy users in Mumbai have found someone who always gets them breakfast in bed, with each ordering Scrambled Eggs once every 3 days from the simple Urban Nashta and the cool Mockingbird Cafe Bar. What about you?

Check out Urban Nashta now >

Check out Mockingbird Cafe Bar here >


Food bae in Pune: Chicken Stroganoff, Yolkshire

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Yolkshire? Impossible. And we completely agree with this Punekar’s go-to dish, Yolkshire’s creamy, saucy Chicken Stroganoff, ordered more than 100 times. Mmmm.

Check out Yolkshire now >

Source: The Cozy Apron


Food bae in Kolkata: Chicken Biryani, Arsalan

While Chicken Biryani from Arsalan is (always) main bae, this particular Swiggy user in Kolkata has Masala Dosa from Chennai Xpress as their side bae, ordered once every 2 days. Best part? All is fair in love & hunger! 😀

Check out Arsalan now >

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