Cravings Hit You Like Clockwork? We’ve Got The Perfect Fix: Plan Your Meals In Advance With Swiggy Scheduled!


Tell us, how many of these situations have you faced? (1) You can’t start your day without a good, filling breakfast. (2) After lunch, you just need a pick-me-up: maybe it’s a cuppa or a shake. (3) First of all, who has dinner everyday without dessert?! (4) You’re hosting peeps over and everything, EVERYthing, has to go according to the plan – most importantly, the food!

If you mentally ticked any one (or all!) of the above, then we’ve got exactly what you need.


What’s Swiggy Scheduled?

Now, all you need to do is plan, schedule and forget about it, because we’ll be on it. Swiggy Scheduled is your brand-new hunger saviour in town!

Here’s how it works, explained in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the restaurant from where you’d like to receive your order from.

Step 2: Add the dishes you want to your cart.

Step 3: Schedule it for delivery anytime (breakfast, lunch or dinner, you name it) from 2 hours later upto 48 hours in advance

…and you’re done!


What are the perks of scheduling orders?

Swiggy Scheduled lets you select an order for delivery in slots of 30 minutes for upto 2 days in advance. Now that’s cool, isn’t it? What’s more – if you’d like to reschedule your Scheduled order, you can cancel the order (before it’s live) at no additional cost.

While scheduling orders is a life-saver, here’s another perk of doing this – you don’t have to pay ANY delivery fee on your Swiggy Scheduled orders! Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so.


Great! Can I use Swiggy Scheduled now?

Yes, you can! Chennaiites and Hyderabadis are already using Swiggy Scheduled to plan their meals. For the other cities, this feature will be launched very soon! Watch this space for more details.

What are you waiting for? Ready, set, schedule!

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