10 Must Try Biryani Places in Chennai If You Live and Breathe Biryani!



It doesn’t come as a surprise when biryani tops the list of many people’s favourite dishes. For most of us when we think of eating out the first dish that pops up is biryani, right? That’s why we’ve explored the nooks of Chennai to bring you the best of the best and satisfy those super spicy biryani cravings that will set your tongues wagging. Here are 10 ravishing places to check out!

1) Sithiq Malaysian Parotta

1-2Picture courtesy: Tripadvisor

As the name suggests, Sithiq Malaysian Parotta serves up some authentic Malaysian cuisine. To start with, we recommend trying the Sithiq Special Chicken Biryani. Succulent chunks of chicken immersed in pearls of flavoured rice, truly makes you forget that you had a bad day. Wash it down with a Malaysian street drink, “Bandung” in three different flavours – rose, vanilla and carrot!

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2) Kollywood Biriyani

2-2Picture courtesy: YouTube

A fitting name for such smashing biryani we say! If you’re looking for a no-frills affair with just the right amount of panache, Kollywood Biriyani is your best bet. We recommend their mutton biryani and chicken 65 for an evening of fun and frolic with your friends. You won’t be disappointed.

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3) Aasif Biryani


Picture courtesy: MeeraEatsBlog

Their tall claims of being the best biryani place in town surely don’t disappoint. Their biryani is so fresh that one bite into the meat gives it away. If you’re a seafood fan, their Nethilli fry is not to be missed! You can thank us later.

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4) Biryani Corner

4Picture courtesy: Flickr

If it’s good old comfort biryani you desire, then Biryani Corner will serve it up with their homemade brinjal curry. Tender meat pieces greet you with every bite!

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5) Mirchi Cuisine

5Picture courtesy: EatSpotting

Egg biryani lovers, pay attention! Spicy Hyderabadi style egg biryani is a star at Mirchi Cuisine. True to its name, there is enough spice in the egg biryani to break the sweat out of your forehead. You’ve been warned. Wash it down with their jal jeera soda for maximum satisfaction.

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6) Ali’s Restaurant

6-2Picture courtesy: YouTube

A must try for Tandoori lovers, Ali’s Restaurant serves up mouth-watering tandoori kebabs in along with their clay-pot biryani. It’s so good that you will remember the taste for months to come. We may sound like we’re exaggerating, but trust us we’re really not.

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7) Namma Kitchen

7Picture courtesy: MeiyappanRecipes

If you’re looking for THE place to eat authentic Hyderabadi Dum biryani, you will be pleased to know that Namma Kitchen specialises in just that. All your dum biryani dreams do come true here.

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8) Samco

8Picture courtesy: YouTube

Another gem of a place to explore, Samco offers something unique that is not available anywhere else. The noteworthy chicken semiya biryani. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that this might be something weird because it’s definitely not. Doused in the goodness of ghee and tenderness of chicken, this dish cannot (we emphasise) be missed.

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9) Fatoosh

9Picture courtesy: EveningFlavours

Think Afghani BBQ wings and quintessential Arabic style Dajaj biryani. Sounds exotic doesn’t it? That’s why Fatoosh is on our list. With a host of Arabic/Afghani dishes to try, Fatoosh is a place to celebrate food at. If a weekend food binge is what you crave, look no further than Fatoosh.

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10) Ponnusamy Hotel

10Picture courtesy: Tiruvannamalai.com

Our list would be incomplete without the deliciousness of this Chettinad biryani! And where better to try it than at Ponnusamy’s? We recommend pairing their Mutton Kozhumbu with their Ponnusamy biryani. Finish up with their authentic spiced Chettinad style buttermilk.

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So that concludes our list of best biryani places to try. If for some (god knows why you’d miss these) reason you’re unable to make it to these places, be assured that we the good folks at Swiggy will have these personally delivered to you. Because we love you (and biryani).


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