11 Of Pune’s Best Continental Restaurants To Try Right Now


Dreaming of your own version of “Eat Pray Love”? We don’t know about the pray bit, but here are 11 best Continental restaurants to eat from that you’ll surely fall in love with! 😉


From saucy pastas to sweet tiramisu, all your Italian food cravings will be sorted with an order from these delicious Pune restaurants.

Pick #1: Polka Dots

Where? Kalyani Nagar & Koregaon Park

Must try? Their Primavera Pasta, a veggie pasta topped with mild tomato & cheese sauce

Order from Polka Dots >

A picture of Spaghetti Bolognese from Taste.com


Pick #2: La Terrazza at Hyatt Regency

Where? Viman Nagar

Must try? Their cheesy Spaghetti Bolognaise & decadent Grand Truffle Pastry

Order from La Terrazza >


Mexican & Tex-Mex

Who can resist those soft, cheesy quesadillas or crunchy tacos topped with red beans & sour cream? We can’t, and neither should you.

Pick #1: Mexican Rodeo

Where? Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park & Viman Nagar

Must try? 7 Layer Burrito, stuffed right with cheese, rice, cream & salsa, for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians!

Order from Mexican Rodeo >

A picture of Nachos from The Odyssey Online

Pick #2: Picantos Mexican Grill

Where? Aundh & Magarpatta

Must try? Nachos + Salsa at Rs.99 or their exquisite BBQ Chicken Strips Burritos Bowl

Order from Picantos Mexican Grill >


European & Mediterranean

Complex names and flavours are the defining factors of any European dish. When in the mood to try something different, give these exotic European-serving restaurants a try!

Pick #1: Stew Art

Where? Kothrud

Must try? Their fancy Moroccan Stew, Corn Chowder, or the Goulash – a cross between a soup & a stew, which is known to be Hungary’s national dish!

Order from Stew Art >

A picture of Hungarian Goulash from Serious Eats


Pick #2: The Sassy Spoon

Where? Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar (as Sassy Teaspoon)

Must try? Their Cajun Spiced Butter Garlic Prawns (with a French baguette!) or Aglio Olio Style Risotto, among many, many other options!

Order from The Sassy Spoon >

Middle Eastern

Being a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine is short for “Shawarma lover”, at least for most of us. Now, for a taste of this rich Middle Eastern cuisine, these restaurants must be on your list!

Pick #1: Lazzetti

Where? Baner, Hinjewadi, Wakad

Must try? Their mind-blowing, satisfying Chicken Shawarma, without a doubt.

Order from Lazzetti >

A picture of Chicken Shawarma from Recipe Tin Eats


Pick #2: Marrakesh

Where? Aundh, Baner, Camp, Kalyani Nagar, Kondhwa, Kothrud, Koregaon Park, Magarpatta, Pimple Saudagar, Shivaji Nagar, Viman Nagar

Must try? Falafel Roll, a roll made of falafel (deep-fried chickpea patty) for vegetarians & Dajaj (Arabic for ‘chicken’) Shawarma

Order from Marrakesh >


What’s the defining quality of American food? It’s always BIG. Now you know when it’s the right time to order in from one of these American restaurants.

Pick #1: The Ugly Duckling

Where? Baner

Must try? Their collection of steaks (both big & small) or pancakes topped with maple syrup!

Order from The Ugly Duckling >

A picture of pancakes with maple syrup from Good Housekeeping


Pick #2: The Burger Barn Cafe

Where? Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kothrud, Shivaji Nagar

Must try? Barn Hashbrown Burger for the vegetarians, Barn Crunchy Chicken Burger for the non-vegetarian and Barn Brownie Shake for everyone.

Order from The Burger Barn Cafe >


But wait! This list is still not over.

Here’s a bonus restaurant that you absolutely must try if you want to experience all the Continental cuisines at once!

Bonus pick: Arthur’s Theme

Where? Baner, Koregaon Park

Must try? This one’s up to you. Take a look at the long, quirky menu with dishes named after famous people & pick your favourite!

Order from Arthur’s Theme >


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